Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Preparation for my dental revision

I had written in a previous message about how I made an appointment to have my fillings replaced by a mercury-free dentist in the area.  Well, I canceled that appointment and made another appointment with a different dentist, also in PA, but a good hour and a half away.

I had begun some research about a week before my appointment, to be sure I was doing all the right things pre-removal, like taking the right supplements to build up my immune system and avoiding the right supplements the day of the procedure (vit C interferes with Novacaine), etc.  Boy am I glad I did that, because in much of my reading, I kept seeing reference to something called the "Huggins protocol".  What people were saying is that they were following the Huggins protocol for safe removal of the fillings and the Cutler protocol for chelation.  So in reading more about this protocol, it appeared that I was using a dentist that omitted the MOST important part of the protocol.  It's a process in which the dentist uses a meter to do galvanic readings of the teeth with fillings (they are mini batteries with charges, positive and negative) and then they remove the teeth in sequential order, by quadrant, taking out the teeth with the highest negative reading first, working in order to the teeth/quadrant with the lowest positive reading.  I did a lot of reading about why this is done and regarding the blood chemistry of it all, it just makes sense.  The basic gist of it is that if you remove them out of order, you trigger degeneration in the body (causing the body to attack itself, ahem - autoimmue disease), by removing the highest positive first, you actually encourage RE-generation - AKA - healing!  There is a very technical set of reasons behind it all.   Those who have done it improperly have often experienced a worsening of symptoms and this process can very quickly throw the body into autoimmune disease or worse.

I finished my research the Friday before my appointment, which was a Monday!  Talk about short notice!  My gut was telling me not to go through with it, that it wouldn't be worth the risk.  But I had to balance these thoughts with what my alternative was, so I called the Huggins Alliance and spoke with Stephan Cairns who shed some light on the situation for me.  I was then convinced that I needed to go with my gut and cancel my appointments.  I knew this would mean spending a lot more money and having to travel further for my procedure.  The good news though was that Stephan advised me that THE best Huggins Alliance dentist in the nation was right here in PA, Scranton PA to be exact!  In fact, Stephan himself flew to PA to use her for his own dental revision!  That is encouraging!  Stephan so graciously shared his story with me.  He was a fit young man all his life, working out 6 days a week, he was active and did things like sky diving, scuba diving, etc.  One day he fell going up a flight of stairs and knocked his front teeth out.  So like any unknowing and trusting person, he went to his local dentist and had 4 root canals and 5 crowns in order to repair the devastating damage.  Within 6 months, he was developing numbness, tingling in his limbs and eventually, he couldn't even walk up that same flight of stairs he fell face down on.  The doctor broke it to him, he had MS, multiple sclerosis.  If anyone is familiar with MS, it's a known disease of heavy metal toxicity (but of course, not in mainstream medicine)!  At the time, he didn't know this, the doctor told him it was incurable and that he needed to just get on his meds ASAP.  He refused to believe it!  He still suffered for ten long years, before finding Dr. Huggins, who he now works for!  He flew to Dr. Grube's office, had his own revision done three years ago and in his mid-fifties, he can now do push ups with one hand and he is MS- free!  There are hundreds of stories like this involving cancer, MS and other autoimmune diseases with the Huggins clinic resulting in an 86% recovery rate of those with serious illnesses when they arrive!  Dr. Grube herself was a cancer patient 18 years ago when she had her own revision done by Dr. Huggins himself! 

So is my health worth it, even with the extra cost, you betcha!!  We pay for health insurance, hundreds and sometimes thousands a month, and what do we really gain from that?  Not much, unless you experience a catastrophic emergency or give birth to a child, or two, lol.  My mindset on this is that I will charge it on a credit card and pay it monthly, just like my health insurance, only I will immediately benefit from the experience now, rather than later!  I'm worth it.  I believe in prevention and what better prevention than to remove the most toxic metal on this planet from my mouth BEFORE I get sick?!

I am now preparing for my first appointment, which is just an exam.  During this appointment the Dr. will review the results of my hair test and blood work (all of which I have to have done before my appointment, of course), she will measure the mercury vapors in my mouth twice, once when I arrive and once after chewing gum for ten minutes to simulate eating, which will increase the reading.  She will measure the electrical charge of each tooth that contains a filling, she will check for cavitations (where teeth were removed and contain pockets of bacteria) with a cavitat machine and we will discuss our plans for the actual procedure which will be done in one visit under conscious sedation, allowing her to safely cross the midline.  We will need to stay in Scranton overnight so that the vibration from the long car ride isn't right after my appointment which can cause dry sockets among other things.  I must say, I am slightly relieved to know that I will be out of it for this procedure and I will only need to go once rather than for multiple torturous visits!

I've already done my hair test, sent it in yesterday.  Let me show you exactly how much hair I needed to remove from the nape of my neck, it was slightly unnerving!  For the last 4-5 snips of random pieces of hair at the root, I began sweating profusely and shaking, because the darn little scale was NOT tipping and it felt like a LOT of hair.  What you see here is the whole strand, of which I had to remove the first inch, closest to the scalp and that portion is in the baggie to the right.  The blue thing on the left is the little scale they send you with the test kit.  It is designed to tip when it's received enough hair for the test, 0.25grams of hair.  Luckily, my hair falls over the spots I had to cut out for the test and I am sure they will grow back uneventfully without much attention.  Either way, it's not fun to look at this bulk of my hair on the plate, good thing I have thick hair!

The next step, tomorrow morning after 12 hours of fasting, is my bloodwork, waaaaah!  I am just glad to be getting this all over with.  February 16th is my exam and then I will make the appointment for the actual replacement.  I can't wait!!

UPDATE - See my blog entry for my dental revision exam here - Dental exam for yours' truly.  


Malke said...

I wonder if this dentist takes CareCredit? It's a no- or low-interest loan (depending on how much you need to borrow) and works like a credit card. It's accepted at doctors and dentists around the country. We use it for our dental work. www.carecredit.com I think. I think it's takes care of all the work doctors' offices had to put in to working out payment plans with patients in the past -- saves them the work. Anyhow, I thought of it because it would end up costing you less interest than a regular credit card. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I just had a dental revision done by a Huggins protocol dentist. It was the best thing I could have ever done. It cured my crippling chronic fatigue instantly.

It also cured my "explosive, impatient, over-sensitive and domineering" nature -- which I think you described yourself as under "About Me" -- Yes, that's right....I had all those character issues, and struggled with them for years. I learned that mercury can cause that, but didn't really believe it would go away once I had the revision done....but it did! I can't believe the difference! I used to be up the wall over the littlest thing, and I wasn't happy about that....now I am calm, meek and placid, without completely losing the spark in my personality -- it's just completely in hand now and used for positive things....it's a transformation!

There's a lot more -- like all your food sensitivities, most likely are related to the mercury....

Also, be sure to agree to have any root canals, etc. removed. I am sure that made a big difference too....that has to be one of the reasons my chronic fatigue and exhaustion disappeared overnight...no more low-grade infections going on all the time.

Hope this encourages you to know you are on the right track! I may come to Scranton for some follow up work. Wishing you the best!

Jessica said...

Thank you for the comments!

I would be absolutely amazed to experience my personality mellow out, AMAZED! You have just given me such hope. I was excited before, but now...THRILLED just doesn't explain it!

I am going to check out that CareCredit too, thank you for sharing that! I will have to see how the rate compares to my husband's company credit union rates.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I had my dental revision done on January 24th by a dentist that trained with Dr. Huggins. I am having a very hard time recovering. My chronic fatigue symptoms and irritability factors have all increased. I feel a tiny bit better, but wonder if others have had any experiences like mine. I wonder if I am having a "healing crisis", or if I need to follow some other protocol to clean my body and heal.

I read and researched a lot before I had my revision done, and still feel it was the right thing to do. However, it is so frustrating that it is taking so long for me to heal - honestly, I am jealous of those who had their symptoms clear up right away!

Any advice?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I just perused more of your blog - wow, you have really been dealing with a lot! I have two books to recommend, if you haven't already read them. 1. Gut and Psychology Syndrome (2010 New Edition) and Internal Bliss-GAPS Cookbook (2 Books) Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride & Baden Lashkov 2. Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders
Kenneth Bock.

God bless you - you have been working so hard! Good luck with the future for your family.

Jessica said...

Thank you for the book recommendations. Healing the New Childhood Epidemics is my FAVORITE book, I recommend it to everyone, lol. I will check out the other recommendation, thanks!

Jessica said...

To the poster who is experiencing increased symptoms. Have you looked into the Andy Cutler protocol for supplementation and chelation? I actually expect to have an increase in symptoms after my revision, because there is a 6 month mercury dump and depending on how much mercury you were holding onto, it could be pretty significant. CFS could be related to the myriad of symptoms that come from mercury poisoning, ranging from chronic yeast, bacteria and parasite infections to food sensitivities and mitochondria dysfunction. I would encourage you to read Andrew Cutler's Amalgam Illness. Chelation with his protocol is very important for removing the metals safely and in the process, he has a slew of suggestions for supplements that will help reduce the symptoms. In order to prepare for my dental revision, I have already begun taking the supplements recommended for chelation by Dr. Cutler and I hope this will encourage rapid healing and ease with chelation, but only time will tell!

Good luck to you, I hope you will keep me posted on your progress.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I have read about the Cutler protocol. I had my blood, urine & hair anaylsed for mercury, and they came back in the normal range. So, my Huggins trained dentist says the test results show I do not have mercury poisoning.

I'm trying to find a support group or anyone who has more information about people who have had dental revisions and haven't felt a whole lot better - this is hard to do! So far, I haven't found anyone/group.

I guess my next step is to try to find someone who can help me do a good cleanse? I suppose my expectations were too high. I read about people getting up from the dental chair feeling great right away - and symptoms such as tinnitus disappearing during the removal of mercury. I had all my mercury fillings removed years ago - not by a bio trained dentist, by a "traditional thinking" dentist. My dental revision involved removing 2 infected root canals and cleaning out 7 infected cavitations.

At my dentist office, they haven't had anyone like me yet, who is having such a long and difficult recovery. I wonder if I just spent $14,000 in vain! Have you heard of anyone else in my situation?

Thanks for your comments!

Jessica said...

I hate to say it, but the testing isn't being properly reviewed by your dentist. If you read the Cutler hair test interpretation book and look at a Doctor's data hair test, you will learn that low mercury (among other things) on the test is actually a sign that you are holding onto it, AKA - you are toxic! Having had fillings in the first place, then having them improperly removed, I can guarantee you are mercury toxic, which is why your symptoms are not going away. I would encourage you to join the Frequent Dose Chelation yahoo group, they can give you the more technical details about it all. The only way to REALLY know, is to attempt chelation with the Andy Cutler protocol. If you see no progress after 10-11 rounds then you can assume you are not mercury toxic, but I would bet you are. If you would like to contact me via e-mail, you can reach me at luckylot@ptd.net.