About me

All about me...the mom, the wife, the chef, the scientist, the pharmacist, the researcher and the photographer.

1.   My name is Jessica - I like it
2.   I value family and friends over everything else
3.   My passion (besides family) is photography
4.   I am a jack of all trades and a master of none, went to school for architecture, then cosmetology, got a real estate license, worked as a global relocation consultant, got my boater's license, made jewelry (Rob Thomas' wife and Nicole Kidman even have a few of my pieces), and now....dedicated mom of two and photographer, my two passions.  I am the advertising photographer for The Natural Baby Company who created Gro-Via, a line of high end cloth diapers.
5.   I grew up in Connecticut
6.   I love and fear the ocean all at the same time
7.   I am sincere, sensitive, giving and empathetic
8.   I am explosive, impatient, over-sensitive and domineering
9.   I miss my family back home
10. I believe in living for today and never looking back, only forward
11. My best friend lives a life very oddly parallel to mine
12. I love to help others, even when they may not realize they could use it  ; )
13. I would love to become a master herbalist
14. I am a Rescue Angel for Jenny McCarthy's website
15. I am overwhelmed
16. I require a lot of down time, probably more than the average person
17. I LOVE to read, but not novels, books about anything that will help our lives
18. I am a serious multi-tasker
19. I don't believe in wishing for things I can't have, I appreciate the things I do have and I work for the things I know I should have
20. I am quirky
21. I had 9 fillings removed and 4 cavitation sites surgically cleaned on March 7, 2011.  This day marks the biggest achievement in my future health!
22. Subsequently, I have joined my children in chelation effective March 11,2011.
23. In September, I experienced what Andy Cutler refers to as a "mercury dump" at which point I personally learned what it could feel like to be autistic, no joke!
24. A/C Chelation converted me from a person who would angrily swipe counters clean, in anger, to a Buddhist-loving, homeschooling, earthing, peaceful mommy!  I would never suggest all of my days are perfect, far from it, but I can take it all in stride for the first time since I had the first of many dangerous amalgams placed in my mouth, at 17 years old.
25. I finally learned who I am, under it all
26. I am deeply moved by music and wish I could sing.  I often listen to music as many hours as my eyes are open!
27. Mercury and mold changed our lives forever, horrible in many ways, but beautiful in many others.
28. The glass can always be half-full
29. I believe all people are good even when they don't put their best foot forward
30. I am sure there is more, so I will continue to add to this as I can think of those things