Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whoops, having too much fun to blog?

Yup, things are going SO well that I have been too busy enjoying life with the kids to update the blog.  Sorry, but a mom has got to do what a mom has got to do and enjoy the kids is on top of the list when the weather is nice!  Spring is peeking in and life is good!

I am so proud to report that things have really leveled out to what I would call normal.  Between the BAX treatments and our new antimicrobial choices (LDM-100 and BioRay's Cytoflora) we are seeing really consistent and NORMAL days more often than not.  In addition to this, we are chelating every weekend now!  He is handling that absolutely phenomenallly!!  I was thinking about the improvements we have seen since starting the BioVeda BAX3000 treatments and just can't believe how impressive this stuff is.  It's so impressive that I even started treatment for myself.  I tested for items in Procedure 1 and the following came up as reactive for me: citric acid, B6, sodium chloride mix, thyrotropin (thyroid hormone known as TSH), platinum (my wedding bands!), silver, white popcorn, menthol (I use mint soaps and put peppermint oil in my home made cleaning products), and chalone.  The last two are in the phenols group.  Considering I struggle with adult acne, badly, the thyroid hormone and the sodium chloride are particularly interesting to me.  With my testing, my first treatment was a brain balancing treatment.  I walked in the office feeling fine and within an hour of my treatment, I was suddenly congested in the nose, had burning in my eyes and nose and my head was pounding bad enough to almost be a migraine.  Needless to say, they were all gone the next morning. 

And to just recap the things that have improved for Grayson since starting treatment:
- The foods he was reacting severely to that he can now eat with NO problems - egg and corn
- Vitamins that he once reacted to with aggression and/or irritation he can now tolerate - B vitamins and calcium
- We have had to give him No Fenol (an enzyme) to address high fenol foods and many of his antimicrobials that are also very high phenol, because he was getting red ears and responding with hyperactivity which is a common phenol sensitivity reaction.  Well, he has not been given a single No Fenol enzyme since his last phenol treatment! 
- Since treating for DMSA and ALA, his chelation has been going so well that we have picked up the pace and are now doing it every weekend and we have even been able to increase his ALA without incident.  His dosing has been incredibly low, because of his inability to handle it until now!  We will be going into round 23 and are so excited about how promising this is!
- His bloating has come down considerably and remains this way 90% of the time.
- And best of all, his moods have been much more consistent than ever before...probably because he is no longer reacting to EVERY little thing he comes into contact with.

We are at the stage of testing for Procedure 2, with both boys, and I just can't WAIT!!!  We will know what foods are stressing his system and then we will, of course, treat for them.  If anyone reading this is even considering this type of treatment and you are on the fence, I say with resounding confidence, DO IT!  Don't think about it anymore, just do it!  You most definitely will not regret the decision.  Then do yourself a favor, stick to the guidelines laid out for the treatment, everyone will benefit from the follow through.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's the little things

So among the many accomplishments we have seen over the past year and a half, we just noticed that Grayson is also developing muscle tone, where he had none!  The belly is less bloated (most days) and the muscle tone is changing.  This is one area I have not researched, but I do know that most kids with the health issues associated with heavy metals and gut pathogens tend to look very unhealthy which relates to the distended belly and lack of muscle tone.  Things are obviously changing for the's the little things!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How do I cope?

Do I wish I could be somewhere else, doing something different or even that my kid's health situations were different?  I have to admit that I have occasional moments of "wishing", but I am a firm believer in living in the here and now.  Wishing your life was different only creates unhappiness for today.  I believe in putting my energy into making today worth living in.  It's not that I don't dream, I do.  I dream about the future in reality.  Dreaming is constructive, it provides goals and events to look forward to, but envy and wishing life could be different is negative energy.

I do not focus on the things I cannot control.  Nope, I can't be on an exotic island on vacation right now, I can't change that, but I can dream about how the things I can control today will make that possible in the future.  Today, I am mommy first.  When my kids are healthy, these dreams will become a reality and our kids will be a part of it all.  So for now, I am happy focusing on the little things that make us happy day to day.  These accomplishments will turn into those big dreams.  One day at a time...

So many people take their health for granted.  They don't even know how life would be without their health.  If you happen to be one of those lucky souls, take a moment to be grateful and enjoy every moment you have your health.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More on the BioVeda BAX3000 - reintroduction of corn

The two foods Grayson reacted most severely and obviously to, were egg and corn. If you read about our early days with treatment, you know that we have very successfully reintroduced eggs into Grayson's diet, although we do still rotate all of his foods, so we don't end up with new sensitivities, and now....CORN!! Woooot woooot!! I have given him blue corn chips two days in a row so far. And this time I started much slower, a bite, then a full chip....he's doing perfectly fine with them. My next test will be pop corn, I can't wait to give him popcorn with virgin coconut oil on his coconut days!! What a treat!! In addition to the major foods, we have also treated for some interesting things like alkaline, stomach acids, digestive enzymes, etc. These are all things I suspect are issues for Grayson, considering they are all rooted in the GI problems he was having. Not to get too graphic, but I must add that since his treatments, his bowel movements have been beautiful!! I know, beautiful probably isn't a word you would use in the same sentence as bowel movement, but if you saw some of the things we have seen....they truly ARE beautiful now! He always had undigested foods and some form of either looseness or even the strangest fluffy diarrhea and some would start out looking constipated and shift to loose all in the same movement, but I will stop there, just in case you are eating lunch. You get my point though, right? Perfect, perfect poop! Something to be proud of, because I have to believe that to some degree, this is a sign that things are moving in the right direction, no pun intended, he he he. Perhaps the leaky gut is healing, he is most definitely digesting foods more appropriately and the consistency and color indicate sufficient bile, even through chelation rounds which, in the past, have resulted in very pale tones in the beige family.....not enough bile.

So moving on, I just wanted to share yet another absolutely amazing sign that the BAX3000 is a necessity to the autism community. A woman contacted me through Generation Rescue, where I am a Rescue Angel, about her son who was recently diagnosed as autistic. He doesn't speak, doesn't make eye contact, plays alone and of course, has a multitude of sensitivities. Since she was local, I mentioned this treatment to her and she wasted no time, she had an appointment the very next day, impressive!! After only three treatments so far, he went from being irritated, crying and fighting during treatments to calm, happy and get this, he has not only made eye contact and smiled at various people in the office, but he has spoken!! He even said "bye-bye" while looking directly in the doctor's eyes. Three treatments, THREE!! This is not to say that he is done, he has a long road of treatments ahead of him and I believe this technology can do wonders, but I also believe in the big picture. This mother is also watching his diet very closely, he is GFCF, he is being properly supplemented with vitamins and minerals, she is removing toxins in their home and he is being treated naturally for any other pathogenic infections when they are present. Have you ever wondered why the logo for Autism is a piece of a puzzle?