Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whoops, having too much fun to blog?

Yup, things are going SO well that I have been too busy enjoying life with the kids to update the blog.  Sorry, but a mom has got to do what a mom has got to do and enjoy the kids is on top of the list when the weather is nice!  Spring is peeking in and life is good!

I am so proud to report that things have really leveled out to what I would call normal.  Between the BAX treatments and our new antimicrobial choices (LDM-100 and BioRay's Cytoflora) we are seeing really consistent and NORMAL days more often than not.  In addition to this, we are chelating every weekend now!  He is handling that absolutely phenomenallly!!  I was thinking about the improvements we have seen since starting the BioVeda BAX3000 treatments and just can't believe how impressive this stuff is.  It's so impressive that I even started treatment for myself.  I tested for items in Procedure 1 and the following came up as reactive for me: citric acid, B6, sodium chloride mix, thyrotropin (thyroid hormone known as TSH), platinum (my wedding bands!), silver, white popcorn, menthol (I use mint soaps and put peppermint oil in my home made cleaning products), and chalone.  The last two are in the phenols group.  Considering I struggle with adult acne, badly, the thyroid hormone and the sodium chloride are particularly interesting to me.  With my testing, my first treatment was a brain balancing treatment.  I walked in the office feeling fine and within an hour of my treatment, I was suddenly congested in the nose, had burning in my eyes and nose and my head was pounding bad enough to almost be a migraine.  Needless to say, they were all gone the next morning. 

And to just recap the things that have improved for Grayson since starting treatment:
- The foods he was reacting severely to that he can now eat with NO problems - egg and corn
- Vitamins that he once reacted to with aggression and/or irritation he can now tolerate - B vitamins and calcium
- We have had to give him No Fenol (an enzyme) to address high fenol foods and many of his antimicrobials that are also very high phenol, because he was getting red ears and responding with hyperactivity which is a common phenol sensitivity reaction.  Well, he has not been given a single No Fenol enzyme since his last phenol treatment! 
- Since treating for DMSA and ALA, his chelation has been going so well that we have picked up the pace and are now doing it every weekend and we have even been able to increase his ALA without incident.  His dosing has been incredibly low, because of his inability to handle it until now!  We will be going into round 23 and are so excited about how promising this is!
- His bloating has come down considerably and remains this way 90% of the time.
- And best of all, his moods have been much more consistent than ever before...probably because he is no longer reacting to EVERY little thing he comes into contact with.

We are at the stage of testing for Procedure 2, with both boys, and I just can't WAIT!!!  We will know what foods are stressing his system and then we will, of course, treat for them.  If anyone reading this is even considering this type of treatment and you are on the fence, I say with resounding confidence, DO IT!  Don't think about it anymore, just do it!  You most definitely will not regret the decision.  Then do yourself a favor, stick to the guidelines laid out for the treatment, everyone will benefit from the follow through.

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