Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More on the BioVeda BAX3000 - reintroduction of corn

The two foods Grayson reacted most severely and obviously to, were egg and corn. If you read about our early days with treatment, you know that we have very successfully reintroduced eggs into Grayson's diet, although we do still rotate all of his foods, so we don't end up with new sensitivities, and now....CORN!! Woooot woooot!! I have given him blue corn chips two days in a row so far. And this time I started much slower, a bite, then a full chip....he's doing perfectly fine with them. My next test will be pop corn, I can't wait to give him popcorn with virgin coconut oil on his coconut days!! What a treat!! In addition to the major foods, we have also treated for some interesting things like alkaline, stomach acids, digestive enzymes, etc. These are all things I suspect are issues for Grayson, considering they are all rooted in the GI problems he was having. Not to get too graphic, but I must add that since his treatments, his bowel movements have been beautiful!! I know, beautiful probably isn't a word you would use in the same sentence as bowel movement, but if you saw some of the things we have seen....they truly ARE beautiful now! He always had undigested foods and some form of either looseness or even the strangest fluffy diarrhea and some would start out looking constipated and shift to loose all in the same movement, but I will stop there, just in case you are eating lunch. You get my point though, right? Perfect, perfect poop! Something to be proud of, because I have to believe that to some degree, this is a sign that things are moving in the right direction, no pun intended, he he he. Perhaps the leaky gut is healing, he is most definitely digesting foods more appropriately and the consistency and color indicate sufficient bile, even through chelation rounds which, in the past, have resulted in very pale tones in the beige family.....not enough bile.

So moving on, I just wanted to share yet another absolutely amazing sign that the BAX3000 is a necessity to the autism community. A woman contacted me through Generation Rescue, where I am a Rescue Angel, about her son who was recently diagnosed as autistic. He doesn't speak, doesn't make eye contact, plays alone and of course, has a multitude of sensitivities. Since she was local, I mentioned this treatment to her and she wasted no time, she had an appointment the very next day, impressive!! After only three treatments so far, he went from being irritated, crying and fighting during treatments to calm, happy and get this, he has not only made eye contact and smiled at various people in the office, but he has spoken!! He even said "bye-bye" while looking directly in the doctor's eyes. Three treatments, THREE!! This is not to say that he is done, he has a long road of treatments ahead of him and I believe this technology can do wonders, but I also believe in the big picture. This mother is also watching his diet very closely, he is GFCF, he is being properly supplemented with vitamins and minerals, she is removing toxins in their home and he is being treated naturally for any other pathogenic infections when they are present. Have you ever wondered why the logo for Autism is a piece of a puzzle?


Selena said...

Where do you get the BAX3000 treatment? Through you DAN!?

Jessica said...

Chiropractors do these treatments. If you go to the BioVeda website, you can locate a practitioner near you through them.

Anonymous said...

I am doing the treatment with my son. Did the allergies came back or are they still doing great?

Jessica said...

As far as we can tell, the results are holding. I have tried removing and replacing corn a few times, thinking I might see a problem, but I am proven wrong each time. Still no problems. I do still like to keep less healthy foods out of there diet most of the time, plus we continue to rotate foods so they don't become sensitive to anything else.

We don't rely on any one thing as the quick fix, but as part of a bigger plan, this treatment was essential to my kids' further healing.


Kim...Tightwadding for the love of travel! said...

Corn treatment still holding? We did AAT with my DD (allergic to corn) and it held for 2 years. Trying to decide our next step as she is reactive again.

Jessica said...

Sadly Kim, it did not. =( We have long since changed our direction in healing, because we have learned that this form of treatment was just another bandaid. An alternative bandaid, but a bandaid none the less. We are currently healing the body with homeopathy and it's more than impressive! The foods will come in time, but the progress is complete and long-lasting, by comparison.


Jolly Roger said...

Hi Jessica,

Just stumbled upon your blog very recently. Thanks for all the info based on your own experiences. It was very helpful to us in narrowing down our own best options.

Our 4 yr old son has been diagnosed as being on the spectrum. We were trying to see for alternative (non-invasive) tests to get an idea of his food allergies. Does the BAX 3000 system give us a rough idea about the foods that the body is allergic to ?