Saturday, January 15, 2011

Have we evolved too much?

Is there such a thing as too much evlolution for a species?  I think we had it right at one point, we were cleaning up our water and food, and this increased our life expectancies.  Disease was already on the decline, but we had to take it all a step further.  Or was that too many steps?

My husband saw an article recently suggesting that this will be the first year in a long time that a generation's life expectancies are shorter than our parent's!

I am going to go out on a limb and just for the sake of experimenting with this theory, let's think completely out of the box and use body odor as an example.  We all know that we excrete toxins through our skin, creating body odor, but what is the possibility that this was a form of communication at one time?  I mean, we already know that dogs can sense fear pheromones in humans, right?  Everything our body does has a purpose, some perhaps that we don't even know since we can't even consider everything we could be testing for.

Could our instincts and genetics have had more control in our destiny than we can even fathom with our brainwashed ideas?  Have you ever noticed that one person's body odor might be offensive to you, while another person's was almost appealing?  Why is that?  Stop and think about it without inhibition and think of the raw potential purpose for this.  Could our instincts have driven us to be attracted to those who are genetically in tune with each other?  We have so many "genetic" mutations occurring and yes, I do think the environment is very much involved, but we have to have these predisposed "genetics" to begin with and where did they get out of control?  What if deodorant squelched our opportunity at using a sense that had more sense than our conscious mind?  Could this one little itty bitty change in our lives have made a huge impact on our ability to know who our perfect matches might be?  and to go as far as to say even genetically so?  Ok, so you get my point, I am not suggesting we go back to cave-man days and start sniffing each other out, but we SHOULD be putting more thought into our own actions, because everything we do will effect the next seven generations, or more. Somewhere along the way, we got it wrong.  We are shorting ourselves somewhere.  Our greed has taken over, we are creating toxins and chemicals faster than we can even test for them, what does that tell you?  Our waters are polluted, our rain is tainted with heavy metals, our homes are made with toxic materials and our children are being born with more than 200 of these toxins already in their blood....evolution?  What do you think?

 Sure, all these new inventions often provide us with more comfort and convenience, but at what price?

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