Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wonderful account of mercury toxcity

Via one of the many forums I frequent, I was directed to this link which is probably THE best account of living with mercury toxicity that I have ever read.  It's thorough and stunningly detailed.  I have shared it with members of my family and close friends.  Not only does it force the idea of looking at one's own health, but it explains what my children are going through in their little innocent lives.  If you or someone you know has been vaccinated, has amalgam fillings, GI issues, allergies, mood swings, or learning disabilities, this is a MUST read memoir!

There are many others sharing their similar stories.  Just Google Jeremy Pivens who developed mercury poisoning from eating sushi too frequently.  And Hillary Swank, suffered something similar while she was trying to bulk up for her role in Million Dollar Baby.  Her ailments lasted years, until she discovered the source.  Andy Cutler himself was heavily mercury poisoned and as a chemist, he discovered the road to healing using himself as his own first guinea pig.  The list is endless.  Do you want this to be your babies??


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks so much for your email! I was interested to read this "Wonderful account of mercury toxcity", but couldn't find the link. When you have a minute, could you please email it to me?

Jessica said...

If you look closely, where I wrote "this link" above, it's written in blue. You can click on that and it will take you to the page I was referring to. It's written in a blue that is hard to see, sorry about that!