Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glyconutrients, how's it going?

Tomorrow will be ten days since we started the glyconutrients.  We have been on our therapeutic doses for six of those days. 

Glyconutrients + chelation = rapid detox?
We have also done a chelation round during the first week.  Chelation always sets things off for a few days and this was no exception.  Just about all of the gains we saw, especially in Gavin, were lost during the round.  I would expect that mobilizing metals would have this effect and in fact, if it's true that glyconutrients also enhance detox, I would expect the side effects of chelation to be even worse.  We managed through the round as usual though, just a bit rough here and there.  Grayson was emotional for a short period and then came off of the round like a champ!  Almost NO post round irritation AT ALL!  And the most amazing thing, his tummy was flat starting the last day of chelation and has continued for an entire 4 days straight!  Last night he was slightly bloated just as he went to bed, not exactly sure why, but he was flat again this morning.  Before last night though, the bloating literally did not come back even once during those three days and chelation ALWAYS makes him bloat more!  This was a pleasant surprise and the only thing we did different with this round was use the glyconutrients.  We didn't even use his homeopathic constitutional remedy like we normally do.  He's been waking happy and staying happy, he is flexible, cooperative, playing nicely with his brother, we are just utterly impressed with him!  The morning of his last day on this round of chelation, I came downstairs to find Grayson reading so sweetly to Gavin.  He was asking Gavin to point to things, "Gavin where is the hammer?.....where is something you would use to climb up higher?" referring to a ladder.  Gavin was excitedly reciprocating.  It was so cute!  They waited for breakfast in the front room while reading books, no fighting, no irritation, no questions about where their breakfast!  Is this what normalcy looks like?  If so, yes please!!

Something else new that both boys experienced was one odd day of very green, sticky, stringy nasal mucus.  It was something I have never experienced with either of them.  I swear, it was like GLUE!  Eeeeeeeeew!  Sorry for the details, but I found it interesting, especially since both got it on the same day and in both, it was gone the next day. 

Continued speech gains
We continue to see amazing gains in speech with Gavin daily.  He is adding new words to his vocabulary faster than I can even document.  He has always said "cake" for any form of bread and Saturday morning we were making pancakes, the first thing he said to us was, "I want pancakes!"  the entire word, PANCAKES!!  Then on Monday I made them bread and toasted some for breakfast, he promptly indicated that he wanted some "toast".  It's apparent to me that in addition to the added vocabulary, there is an increase in the cognition that comes with the use of these words.  Some might say this is just coincidental and that he was due for a developmental spurt in speech....I would vehemently disagree.  His speech has been slow since it started, this sudden rapid burst of speech occurred exactly when we added the glyconutrients, not a day sooner!  He is even adding slang into his sentences, for example, the other night he said to my husband, "Yeah, I want to see it..."  Yeah? Never heard him say that before either.  And he is suddenly saying, "See, Mommy?" as he turns something towards me to look at.  He is aware enough that he has to turn whatever it is he is referring to so that I can see it at the angle he was viewing it from originally!  Today my husband was working from home downstairs and I was making lunch for us.  I asked Gavin if he wanted to call him to come up for lunch.  I handed him the phone after dialing for him.  He waited for him to pick up at which point he said, "Hi Daddy, I eating, you come up eat." His father said that he was clear as day, he understood every word.  Then he said, "Bye Daddy" and hung up himself!  Oh, that is the other new thing...."ing".  He now uses "ing" to explain when he is doing something like, "I done eating".  Again, this is brand new to him, this week!

Detox or intolerance
One thing I am not sure how to address is a rash on Gavin.  It looks just like eczema he used to get, except that it isn't on his cheeks (yet anyway), it's on his bottom, towards the hip and around the back.  I have read that it's possible to get rashes on the glyconutrients and I know about detox rashes from doing chelation and treating Grayson for latent viruses, but there is something about giving a new supplement and seeing a rash that has me second guessing myself.  My first instinct was to stop giving whatever is causing it!  I read that with the glyconutrients, it's not uncommon to see a resurgence of symptoms in reverse from the order they were acquired.  So seeing the eczema would actually be in line with his personal healing.  The rash appeared during chelation too, which is interesting, because it's possible that the detox was kicked into high gear from the glyconutrients.  Of course, it's still possible that the rash is a reaction to an ingredient, so I am cautious, watching it's progression.  Today it actually looks like it's starting to dry up and it doesn't look any larger than it was the past two days.  I have my fingers crossed that this is a good sign.  I know when clearing a person of viruses, this is a very good here's to hoping!  Check back for more as we progress.


Selena said...

My son has developed a rash as well - clearly in the exact same spot you described. I believe this rash is from chelation - since when we go off round, it disappears. Is this a bad thing so long as he is not bothered by it? At first I thought it was the krill oil we gave, but from process of elimination, it's clearly the detox.

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