Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update on Glyconutrients - first dose

Ok, so I didn't think I would be providing an update quite so soon, but my husband and I are sitting here with our mouths open, unsure of what to do.  We are at a loss, so we are just laughing hysterically.  We keep glancing at each other in awe pretty much.

We gave both kids their first doses of the glyconutrients today and both have responded with such energy that we are dumb-struck!  I have never seen energy like this in either of them, ever!  Both are deleteriously happy and running back and forth chasing each other across the whole house.  This increase in energy isn't all we are seeing though.  There is also an increase in cognition that I didn't know was possible, meaning, I thought they were where they belonged cognitively, so this was surprising to both Dave and I.  Gavin's speech took a leap well beyond gradual.  Granted, he's been coming a long way in the past few weeks, but tonight it's been even different from this morning!  For instance, a word he has ALWAYS used for when things fall, is "boom".  This morning he threw his Taggie and it landed on the floor in his room, he told me it went "boom".  Later in the day, he went up to get it and when he came back downstairs, I said, "Oh I see you found Taggie." and again he said "Boom Taggie" letting me know it was the one on the floor in his room.  Then tonight, after his first dose of the glyconutrients, for the first time ever in his life, he used the correct word!  He had been running with Grayson and fell down.  He promptly ran over to me and said, "Mommy, I fall!" Dave and I couldn't believe our ears!  Then another sentence came spewing from his mouth, "I want read book."  Wow, he's also never used the word "read"!  At dinner he pointed to our rice and and said, "rice"!  I didn't even know he knew the word, and even more interesting, he pointed to my egg roll and said, "wheat....roll!"  He also correctly identified the colors red, orange and blue, again, something he has never done, not correctly and so confidently!

And Grayson, he was SO happy and talking SO much, almost too much!  But everything in his mind was creative and spewing out of his mouth so fast, I couldn't keep up!  After running like a nut case with Gavin, he got very hot (which is quite common for him, but he normally gets VERY upset about it).  Well this time, he came over wiping his face and neck, panting, he said, "I am SO hot!" He had a long sleeve shirt under his short sleeve shirt, as he was reaching for his sleeve, he started to say, "can....." and he trailed off.  He was going to ask me to help him, which is ALWAYS the first thing out of his mouth.  Instead, he removed both shirts without complaint, put the long sleeve shirt in the mud room hamper and came back with the short sleeve shirt.  Again habit reigned and by default he said, "I can't do this", but again, he stopped and continued on with reversing his inside out shirt, all on his own!  He's never turned a shirt inside out without severe frustration!  He put it back on and then proudly said, "I was going to ask you, but I caught myself" and then off he went, happily!  Normally this would have resulted in frustration and a tantrum while he fumbled through reversing the shirt, and probably would have ended in him throwing the shirt in anger.

Is all of this the result of a sugar high, so to speak, since their bodies are lacking these sugars?  Keep in mind, they aren't the same as sweeteners, they are a complex carbohydrate type of sugar, concentrated.  Were they so on cue, because of the adrenaline or did it have something to do with new connections being made?  Will this continue or was this totally coincidence?  Only time will tell.  One thing I know for sure, my kids were different tonight than they have EVER been, ever!  We enjoyed the moments immensely and I look forward to more of them.


Anonymous said...


I love your blog. Can you describe what these glyconutrients are, as I've heard about them often, but never knew what they were or what they were made of (sorry about dangling preposition LOL)

Jessica said...

I have found a lot of websites that give pieces of information about glyconutrients, but the video at the very bottom of the web page below does the absolute best job explaining the technical aspect, what they are, how they work, scientific background and research, etc. Remember to scroll WAY down to the bottom of the page. And yes, this is a sales presentation, but it's not where we bought ours, it IS thorough though, so I recommend watching it when you have some time. http://www.glyconutrients-for-health.com/glyconutrients/nutrition/1511/autism-nutrition-nutrition-and-your-autistic-child/