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DAN! doctor versus Andy Cutler chelation

For those of you who understand chelation, you probably also know that there is a distinct difference between the way DAN! doctors handle chelation compared to Andy Cutler's protocol.  In some cases, the discussions can get heated about the two, each parent validating why theirs is more effective or safer.  I have heard on more than one occasion where a parent says that chelation is not a one-size-fits all solution and yes, while I do agree with this for many of the biomedical treatments and even some smaller details in chelation, I do not, I repeat, I do NOT agree that the different forms of chelation are equal.  The science behind Andy Cutler's chelation proves it to be MUCH safer than the alternative IV method of chelation.  There are many factors that set Andy Cutler's protocol apart from the rest and they are scientifically proven.  I sometimes feel as though a parent becomes highly defensive of their chosen method, because after having already started, they feel a sense of fear and/or inferiority, like the Andy Cutler followers are judging them personally and suggesting they are bad parents.  We aren't, we are just very adamant about safely chelating, period!  They often end the conversation by saying that they believe in their doctors....

Wasn't it blind trust in our doctors that put us in this position in the first place?  Would we be here trying to recover our children, if doctors truly understood the science and technical mechanics behind how the body responds to certain stimuli, drugs, antibiotics, vaccine ingredients, metals....?  I think it's safe to say that no matter what label they are given, there is still a clear lack of understanding the very nature of the chemicals they insist we use in our children.  I am sorry, I don't mean to suggest that I hate doctors, I know that they hold a very important part of our medical needs, but some do claim to know more than they really do.  How many people have you heard about being misdiagnosed or that doctors just don't know what the patient is suffering from?  Too many.  When it comes to chelation, I think I would rather put my faith and trust in a chemist who knows the very science behind how these chemicals work in our bodies.  Andy Cutler is a chemist, he knows their half-life in our blood, he knows their function down to the minute details, what they do and even more importantly, what they don't do!  For example, EDTA is a chelator very similar to DMSA, but it has an affinity for lead over mercury, yet more doctors are prescribing or injecting it for mercury toxic people!  Do you know what the implications are for a mercury toxic person to take EDTA?  Well, let me educate you briefly and keep in mind, I am no chemist, but this just makes sense even to me!  The little EDTA ions flitter about in the blood collecting whatever metals they encounter first, let's just say that is mercury.  They mobilize the mercury attempting to usher it out of the body, but in it's trek towards the exit, it comes in contact with the lead bystander.  It is going to immediately drop the mercury ion and pick up the lead, because it's bind with lead is stronger.  Now, simply put, this is mercury redistribution at it's finest!  Those mobilized and now free (where they used to already be attached to body tissue before the EDTA came along) mercury ions are going to find new tissue to adhere to, potentially causing more and new symptoms of mercury poisoning and the damage they do is dependent upon which tissue they find...liver, brain, etc. 

Ok, so what about the doctors who aren't using EDTA, but their dosing schedule and amount of chelator being used is different, is this a concern?  Sure is!  There is a half-life that these chelators have in our bodies.  When a chelator reaches it's half life, mobilized metals drop and again, you have redistribution, as described above.  Andy Cutler's protocol is designed to reduce redistribution, hence reducing the symptoms AND DAMAGE associated with it.  He uses the half-life of the chelators as a guide for dosing.  He uses smaller doses for longer periods of time, sustaining the chelator in the blood for a period of days.  Each round will result in minor redistribution, but not large amounts of metals and only once in that round.  The result is a slow steady flow of metals leaving the body over a longer period of time, SAFELY! He has proven that higher doses of chelators doesn't pull many more metals, but DOES increase symptoms and redistribution.  And who are you going to trust on this, the chemist or the doctor?  Chelation is a long process and if you are causing significant amounts of redistribution every time you take or are injected with a chelator, you are setting yourself up for long-term damage, which may not even be obvious for some time.  I could spend days explaining the mechanics of it all, but since chemist Andy Cutler has already done that, let me share a few links with you here.

In this link, you will learn the significant and dangerous differences between DAN! doctor chelation and the Andy Cutler protocol.  You will hear people balk at calling DAN! chelation a "protocol"...ok, so you can get caught up in the details, but people, it is what it is, let's focus on the things that are important, read this very clear explanation from Andy himself (he is responding to a forum poster's question about how the two methods differ).

Difference between DAN! and Cutler chelation methods

In the next link, you will find MANY questions answered about Andy Cutler's protocol, anything you could want to know: testing, safety, length of rounds, redistribution, supplementation to ease symptoms, dosing and timing of chelators, chelation of infants, chelating other metals, and more.

Cutler protocol

This link below will take you to the Autism-Mercury Yahoo group and the reason I am recommending this group is, because you can search the database to see the sheer number of people who have been harmed by improper chelation methods recommended by DAN! doctors.  These people know when and how their children were harmed and are seeking advice on reversing it.  Andy Cutler's protocol is discussed adamantly here, but many don't come here until they have already listened to DAN! doctors or tried unsafe chelating methods first.  Unfortunately, we are learning from their mistakes, but learning is learning.  What you can also learn here are the number of people who have experienced complete recovery using the Cutler protocol.  Did you notice that I said, COMPLETE?  Children are fully recovering with his protocol in a fraction of the time that other methods are harming innocent family members.  That means no need for supplements, diets or treatments, autism diagnoses are being reversed, from classic full-blown autism to normal.

Autism-Mercury Yahoo Group

And if you are interested in using Andy Cutler's chelation Yahoo group for direction on proper chealtion, use this link.  You will find thousands of members on this group, thousands!

Frequent-Dose-Chelation Yahoo Group

The only children I have learned of having complete recovery, meaning that they don't rely on anything for normal behavior, are those who finish Andy Cutler's protocol.  In order to see full recovery, most people require between 100-300 rounds of chelation.  Yup, it's a long haul.  It took years to get this poisoned, it is going to take years to get better, but don't let that deter you.  Just take one day at a time and you will get there!  We are on rounds 45 and 20 with our boys, and I believe this was the single most important part of our healing process.  It is the only treatment that is going to remove the problem at it's root, everything else we do is just to maintain normalcy in the meantime.  Chopping down a weed at ground level is just temporary maintenance, it looks good temporarily, but to truly remove that weed and prevent it from returning, you need to pull it out at the roots!  Need I say more?

And just for the record, Andy Cutler has recovered himself fully from debilitating illness using his own protocol.  So he doesn't just study and dictate what others should do, he himself experienced this monster at it's worst!  I have the utmost respect for this man who has personal experience in what he preaches.

As a mother of children who are experiencing heavy metal toxicity, nothing but the most conservative and safe will work for me.  Do kids recover from IV chelation?  Perhaps, but how many are sheer luck, and how many more are harmed in the process?  I'm not willing to play Russian Roulette with my kids' health any longer, I already did that and it landed me right where we are sitting.  The turtle wins the race, slow and steady.

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