Monday, January 31, 2011

Ending rounds 46 and 21

Holy moly!  We just put the kids to bed and I feel like I just ran a marathon!  They were so incredibly yeasty tonight, it was overwhelming to all the senses.  It started with Grayson, because Gavin was still on round (I continue chelation with him through Monday, while Grayson is at school), Grayson was considered post-round since we stopped his last dose at 7:30am this morning as he left for the bus.

At dinner he just started winding up so much he couldn't seem to control it.  He was like a happy drunk.  He was talking so much and out of control, like he literally could not stop the motor.  It excelerated to a giddy hyper that slowly turned into his typical yeasty impatience.  He can't stand anything his brother does, he's too loud, too annoying, just plain too much so he yells and demands and Gavin retaliates.  So we put him in an epsom salt bath, gave him a few melatonin and read him a book.  By this time, Gavin was beginning his own yeasty wind up or perhaps it was redistribution at it's finest.  All I know is that while we were trying to wind Grayson down, Gavin was "flying" all over the second floor.  Grayson was irritated by everything his brother did and flying was no exception.  By the time we were giving them their probiotics, they were getting physical with each other.  A stomp here, a swat there, next thing we know, Gavin is hauling off and whacking Grayson, then we had tears.  Forcing a "sorry" out of Gavin when he is like this is nearly impossible, he was too inappropriately giddy and angry at the same time, such an exhausting combination.  While I was tucking Grayson in, it was like he suddenly deflated.  I think the melatonin hit him, because he said, "I'm getting tired".  Since laying Gavin down, we haven't heard a peep from him.....(Sigh)

We are finally sitting in the peace and quiet.

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