Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Interesting change

This is a very odd thing that I never quite understood.  Both of my boys have always had a wet dog smell to their hair whenever it was wet.  You know that nice clean smell you have after the shower, the smell of whatever yummy shampoo you use?  My kids never had that, instead they smelled like Roofus after his quarterly bath in the backyard during the summer months.  Not pretty!  And VERY obvious. 

I noticed after Gavin's last two baths and Grayson's bath last night, that neither of them had that smell!  Since I don't really know what caused it in the first place, I certainly don't know for sure what resolved it, but I could take a guess and chalk it up to the Low Oxalate Diet.  That assumption is just based on sheer timing though.  If it were related to chelation, I would think that Grayson would have responded to it before Gavin, since he is on round 45 and Gavin is only on round 20.  I guess it's possible that it could be coincidence, but the one thing that was changed for both of them at the same time, is the dietary change to reduce oxalates in their diet.  I have heard other biomedical moms suggest that it was related to yeast overgrowth and I know that we have not defeated that battle yet.  It is suggested, however, that dogs smell funky when there are fungal or bacterial infections present, so I guess that is a possibility.  We will see, so far with two baths, Gavin has been free of that odor, I will check them again with their next baths.  Here's to hoping it's gone for good, whatever it was, because I love that clean baby smell!

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Malke said...

It's really great to notice these little changes, even if you're not sure exactly what they're about. Part of it, for me at least, is watching my kid mature and knowing that she is moving forward in her life because of all the things we've done to help her so far (diet, supplements, yeast protocol). Others will say things like "Oh, kids are always changing and growing" and disregard all the hard work I've put in, but I know in my heart that what I'm doing has had and is having a big impact on her life. Just the other night I had a dream that she was floating in the pool, smiling (sp?)peacefully, on her back with no struggle. A picture of the present, or at least the future? I think so.