Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Biological dental exam for yours truly

If there is anything I have learned from my children, it's that my own health is being effected by my 7 amalgam fillings (and one composite with metal, just because it's white doesn't mean it's metal-free) and there is more to come, if I don't have them replaced properly.  I have spent the last 2 years helping my boys heal, and now it's time for me.  Nursing our younger son for 16 months prevented me from even considering any dental work, let alone chelation until more recently.  I am finally pursuing a full dental revision with a Huggins Alliance dentist.  Today was my first appointment with Dr. Blanche Grube.  This appointment is intended to educate us both on the condition of not only my teeth, but my overall health, before putting a significant strain on my body with the procedure.  Huggin's Alliance dentists conduct extensive testing prior to the replacement of the fillings in order to prepare the body beforehand.

I am still reeling from my exam today.  I had to drive an hour and a half and then sat through three hours of testing and discussions about my health, then took that hour and a half drive back home again.  When I arrived home, I didn't realize how much the experienced drained me, but I was so exhausted, I literally had to lay down in bed for a while!

Some information energized me with hope, some downright scared me!  I will walk you through my experience as best as I can recall, considering it was like speed reading from a medical book the whole time I was there!  I really wish I brought a tape recorder with me!

The first item on the agenda was getting a handle on my mouth, by taking pictures and x-rays.  They already had the results of my blood testing along with my hair test so we were just closing the loop on the whole picture.  The dental assistant and the doctor both commented on the impeccable cleanliness of my teeth and gums, saying it was probably the cleanest mouth they have ever seen and considering the crowding I have with my bottom front teeth, that says a lot about our diet and care with fluoride-free toothpaste.  So if anyone doubts you can clean your mouth without fluoride, I can honestly say that since we removed it from our house and changed our diets, neither my husband nor myself has ever had any plague on our teeth during dental visits.  His last appointment with the dentist was well over a year overdue too!  Dr. Weston A. Price has studies saying this very situation is true with the proper diet, and we are living proof!

So on to the appointment, the first thing we did was measure the mercury in my mouth before and after chewing for ten minutes.  The EPA uses 1 mcg/m as the maximum allowable limit for air in a public building or for air in your home. Almost everyone, who has silver fillings in their teeth, will show levels of mercury vapor in their mouth above that limit.  My reading in my mouth before chewing = 0, after = 8 mcg/m.  That means my mouth is putting out EIGHT times the safe level of mercury every time I chew and that doesn't count brushing my teeth and drinking hot fluids like tea and coffee which I do daily.  Gee, I wonder how much a day that all works out, maybe I don't!

Then, after all the pictures of varying kinds (including 18 painfully uncomfortable traditional x-rays) were taken, the dentist came in to review my testing and pictures.  As suspected, my hair test is suggestive of retaining mercury, she called me a "poor excreter of mercury".  I have high arsenic and we tried to figure out the source of the arsenic to no avail initially, so we moved on thinking perhaps the mercury was the cause, although even Dr. Grube who had high mercury, didn't have elevated arsenic.  We addressed a few deficiencies, which I already had supplements on board for.  She was impressed with my knowledge and that I had already taken the steps to get my nutrition in line.

The blood tests are where the plot thickens.  Below are the details that require action of some sort:
  • Cholesterol is too low 
  • Blood sugar is too high
  • Poor protein digestion
  • I am eating too much protein for my body type
  • Sodium is too low
On this note, if I could break here to say that this is where we discovered my source of arsenic.  I shared with Dr. Grube that I am using Himalayan sea salt in our reverse osmosis water to replenish lost minerals and to replace the lack of sodium.  This is when the light bulb went off!  Dr. Grube told me that they sent multiple samples of salt out to an independent lab (Doctor's Data) for testing and it was determined that Himalayan sea salt was the highest of all salts in guess what?  ARSENIC! So she suggested the top three with no fillers or contamination (Real Salt from the mountains of Colorado, I think, Morton's canning and pickling salt or Diamond Kosher Crystal salt).
  • Phosphorous is low
  • Thyroid is sluggish - I had already begun adding iodine this past week! 
  • I've even learned that the one white colored filling I have contains metals and needs replacing
  • and lastly, my red blood count is low, platlets are low and my MCV (size of cells) is high
I should explain what this last detail means.  As she was reading my test results, she stopped here and said there is a big problem, she paused like she didn't want to say it, but she did....there are two possibilities associated with this combination, one being a long-standing infection and the other, cancer.  My body went numb!  Literally.  I have actually heard that the high MCV can mean chronic infection, because Grayson also has this, but his platelets are not low, they are high and his red blood count isn't low either.  What this means is that my bone marrow is putting out immature, very large blood cells and not enough of them.  So Dr. Grube stopped everything and brought her chiropractor husband in to do some muscle testing.  I've read about this for finding cancer and/or infections.  A book I read, called "Healing Cancer Peacefully" was actually a chiropractor who healed her own cancer using natural methods and one of the methods of detection that she used to track the rate of her cancer growth and death was muscle testing.  It was effective and always mirrored the allopathic test results. So I was already prepared for this.  He worked quickly and quietly, listing out his findings as he went, working from the top down:
  • Staph infection  from FOUR cavitations are effecting the areas listed below (which is probably why I get a chronic need to clear my throat if I don't take GSE and OLE two to three times a day):
    • Inner ear  - this is recurrent with me, pain and ringing
    • Throat
    • Esophagus
    • and to add to this, Dr. Grube found a swollen gland under my left jaw and an irritated and slightly swollen left tonsil, coincidentally, this is also the side with a VERY large filling and it's the same side that I frequently experience gum swelling (you guessed it, at the cavitation site!).
  • He found mercury to be settling in the following body parts:
    • eyeballs - oddly, the past few days I have had a strange symptom with my eyes since adding iodine to my supplements (iodine encourages natural detox), my eyes have been cloudy, for lack of a better word.  They aren't blurry, but they are very tired, scratchy and cloudy with a decreased peripheral vision.  I had mentioned this to both my husband and my best friend just yesterday.
    • Throat
    • Thyroid - which is also enlarged
    • Esophagus
    • Right breast - I actually had continuous trouble nursing on this side, had a decreased milk supply and have had bloody discharge in the past
In addition to the above, he found something to be going on with my gallbladder, although mild, it wasn't specified.  I was asked, if I have trouble with digestion, not significantly, although I can tell that things have been changing for me recently so it's possible.  It was also determined that I have a mold issue!  I lived for years in a home with mold in the basement and then our current home recently had a fairly small mold problem that was re-mediated only a few months ago.  So I don't know the source, but it's obvious that one of our homes had a lasting effect on me.  I would never have guessed this!

This man found a multitude of things that I have had problems with in the past, with no discussion of them previously!

A physical exam resulted in the finding of various bite problems as well and they mostly stemmed from an "infantile tongue thrust reflex" that I never lost.  Approximately 20% of the population has this.  I have exercises that are intended to help normalize my bite imbalances.  I have significant TMJ, which is basically something I just have to live with, I am merely one of the lucky ones, most likely genetically passed on.  And not surprisingly, considering both my hair test and blood test pointed to thyroid problems, she also found an enlarged thyroid.

Adding the four cavitations more than doubles the cost of this it's clear to me that I have a decision on my plate.

UPDATE February 27th - Since my appointment, I found myself constantly questioning the fact that I need four cavitations surgically cleaned out and considering the price of each one, the idea of doing all four  makes me feel a little sick to my stomach.  I just needed better confirmation, especially since Dr. Grube herself told me that the muscle testing is usually about 80% correct.  So I sent her a brief e-mail with my concerns and even though it was the weekend, she rapidly responded assuring me that we will use the cavitat machine for confirmation the morning of my appointment.  I feel so relieved!!  If I can save myself even ONE cavitation, I will be thrilled, if not, at least I will know with 100% certainty that I needed the surgery.  The cavitat machine is actually an ultrasound that looks for infection by detecting cavitational porosity in the jawbone.  I am now ready for my appointment, well, except for the blood draw I need for the biocompatibility test.  Doing that tomorrow.  The hotel is booked and our list of what to bring with us is started...moving forward!

ANOTHER UPDATE! - Well over a month past my dental revision, I received test results from an independent lab...I had no idea to even expect this.  Apparently, they sent necrotic tissue and bone from my cavitation sites to be identified, probably to look for cancer too.  Guess what they found?!  STAPH!!  Dr. Grube's chiropractor husband was absolutely dead on!  I had a staph infection in three of the four cavitation sites!

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Joan said...

My thyroid was checked last month and it was too low.I'm going to ask about desiccated porcine thyroid the next time I go.

Jessica said...

Consider also looking into iodine treatments, because often times a sluggish thyroid is the result of iodine deficiency.

There is an iodine yahoo group that could help you with this information

Jessica D said...

Jessica - I am very interested in what you do... I have been looking into getting my 9 fillings out. I have low thyroid and my blood work is the same as yours!! :(

Jessica said...

Jessica D,
You should look into the iodine protocol, I would highly recommend getting your thyroid and adrenals under control even before you have the fillings replaced. It will make the procedure so much easier to endure. I'm amazed at how well it is going for me, considering some of the horror stories I have heard about people getting worse. I also think following the Huggins protocol is key!

Jessica D said...

Thanks Jessica! I have been trying to correct my thyroid for a year now and my adrenals (what are you doing for your adrenals?) I have been on the gaps diet for over a year and a half and still have candida (thrush) which makes me think I really need to get my fillings out to heal. I am on naturethroid and paint iodine sometimes. My free t3 and t4 are now in range but low but my tsh is 0. i have been to a few drs and everyone tells me something different. How many fillings have you had removed?

Jessica D said...

Hi Jessica,
How long has it been since you have had you fillings removed? I have been on the GAPS diet for over a year and a half and still have candida and many symptoms. I have been painting iodine per my holistic drs recommendations. The thing is my thyroid Free numbers are still kind of low but my TSH is indicating im hyper. Many drs have given me mixed reviews on this or just an 'i dont know'. I have been on naturethroid for about a year now. Your blog is awesome and all the great information is overwhelming. I just SO want to get these things out of my mouth if it will get me better! But I am def scared about the risk involved!

Jessica said...

When you have mercury in your mouth, trying to treat for candida is like chasing your tail. You will go around and around until you remove the source and deal with the problem at the root. The problem is the mercury in your system. I would recommend calling the Huggins Alliance and asking about an approved dentist in your area. If you get the fillings removed properly, you shouldn't have a problem. Also be sure to read Andy Cutler's book "Amalgam Illness" and have all of your supps on board before doing the procedure. It will help you recover. So far I have had no set-backs, I feel great, my energy is good, even chelation is going well. Regarding the thyroid, join the iodine group, they have massive knowledge there. The group owner is an N.D. and she responds to the threads herself. Here is the link -

Jessica said...

I had 8 fillings removed in early March, so just about two months ago. For my adrenals I take adrenal cortex extract, two to three capsules a day. I also take Pantothenic acid once a day, that supports the adrenals as well. For my thyroid I do the iodine and natural thyroid glandular. I also take a lot of other supplements as recommended by Andy Cutler. I also do chelation.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in how your blood work looks now, especially your blood sugar, glucose and whether you are digesting protein better? Can you let me know. I have just had my first appointment with dr grube and my blood work is similar to yours. If my blood work changes after having my amalgams removed, then I will be completely convinced. Thanks!

Jessica said...

I haven't had a reason to have blood work done since this procedure so I don't have anything to compare to. :/ I will most definitely be curious to hear if yours changes (if you do the follow-up testing). I do know that Dr. Grube had a similar situation which corrected itself after her own dental revision. She was looking at full blown leukemia, but she also had many root canals and I didn't.