Friday, February 18, 2011

Set it straight!

I want to set something straight right here and now.  And this is regarding the mind set out there that autistic kids are permanently neurologically damaged purely by their genes.  It's to address the number of parents out there who either have no idea that biomedicine exits or they reject it completely either, because they gave it a half-assed (excuse my french) attempt or they haven't educated themselves regarding the benefits and WHY it works!

If autism was purely genetic, it wouldn't be an epidemic, genes don't change that fast.  If autism was purely genetic, children wouldn't be recovering completely and losing their previous diagnosis' using bio-medicine.  If autism was purely genetic, there wouldn't be tests proving that the symptoms we are seeing are linked to medical causes.  If autism was purely genetic, treating the medical causes wouldn't result in complete eradication of symptoms.

When the bucket overflows, autism is the result
The cause
I wish people would stop trying so hard to point fingers at ONE cause.  There isn't one cause, there are many and yes, genetics play a role which is why one child reacts to things one way and another child can react to those same things completely differently.  Everything about our being is genetic, but it doesn't end there.  The genetics don't determine our destiny, the way we care for our body does.  Our bodies aren't invincible, we can't eat crap all day every day, smoke and drink without recourse, can we?  So why is it so far fetched to think that feeding our kids processed foods, candies and food coloring and loading them up with highly toxic products is any different?  People, we are seeing the results of changes in our own health choices, in our innocent children.  This epidemic is our fault!  We are trusting the government, doctors and advertising companies to make decisions about our health, decisions that come from money-making tactics!  Do you really think your health is their top priority?  If you put money and long-term health on the table in front of most highly paid executives, I would bet my life on most choosing the money!  The bottom line is that YOUR child is not their first priority, and why do you think s/he is?

Sorry to veer so far off topic, I get heated when I think about how detached we have come from our own health care.  The sad thing is that we believe in what we are doing, we as a society, believe that by calling a doctor when our child spikes a fever, that we ARE doing the right thing.  No one stops to think about what that fever means, why it's happening and what we should do about it, which is often, nothing!

Health status
So back to autistic kids...there are tests confirming that they are bombarded with health issues that stem from autoimmunity problems.  If your child had a kidney disease, you wouldn't ignore it and hire an occupational therapist to help teach them how to behave properly when they are in pain, would you?  Why not?  Because first of all, you would see symptoms that worry you, then you would call that ever-trusted doctor of yours, and the doctor would tell you what to do about your child's illness.  If your doctor tells you to make sure your child takes medication daily, are you going to give it?  You bet your ass you will!  Why?  Because your child's quality and possibly even length of life depends on it and no one wants their child to suffer needlessly or painfully.  Oh and don't forget, because your doctor said so, right?  Ok, so enter the autistic child.  He has GI dysfunction, leaky gut, food sensitivities, chronic diarrhea, lacks good bacteria, is overgrown in bad bacteria, often has mitochondria disorder, decreased glutathione, increased yeast, high viral titers, nutritional deficiencies, dark circles under the eyes, eczema and other rashes, allergies, seizures, this list is literally endless, but do these things look like they aren't medical to you?  They ARE medical, they ARE testable and they ARE treatable!!  And do you think the health of a person doesn't effect his or her neurological condition?  Think about when you've had a cold or the flu.  Your head hurts, you feel foggy, you want nothing to do with chores or work, you are cranky and irritable, you can barely walk sometimes.  These children are feeling like this EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE. OF THEIR LIVES!  It's why they scream and yell, it's why they are unreasonable and have tantrums, it's why they head bang.  And we just pass this off as "genetic".  Genetic is not an excuse, it's the reason daily toxic insults (be it from the womb) are causing these outward symptoms we call autism.

So when I see autistic children going without the care they deserve, I feel a fury that I can't even put words to.  How would you feel watching your neighbor, a friend or even a family member let their child suffer from a life-changing disease without medical care they so badly need?  You would call them names, you would shed tears for those children, you would offer them advice or the names of trusted doctors, you might even get in their faces and demand that they seek care for their pain-ridden children.  Or, would you just turn your head and walk away thinking, "It's their problem, not mine?" So now, because our mainstream doctors have turned their backs on our kids, because they don't have the answer, we follow suit and we turn our backs on our own kids.  Well not a warrior mom, she never turns her back on her kids!  She fights against the grain, knocking people down in her path!  These are the kids who are healing! 

Is he autistic?
I have gone as far as to say that my older son is not autistic, but I continue to focus on autism and it's treatments, for my children.  The reason is, because the health issues my children are dealing with mirror those of an autistic child.  We got lucky, we caught it when it was happening and we began the arduous process of reversing it before it got bad.  Many kids have symptoms that don't cross over into the spectrum, but they are teetering VERY close to it.  These kids are labeled as the trouble kids in school, they have ADHD (which IS on the spectrum), they have learning disabilities, mood disorders, allergies, eczema, chemical sensitivities....but they aren't autistic.  It doesn't matter, they are effected by the very same health malfunctions as an autistic child, just not as severely.  We would call them the lucky ones, but are they?  Will their health issues EVER be taken seriously enough to allow them to live normal lives?  I would guess, sadly, that no, they won't.

Awareness is key
If you are reading this blog and know of ANYONE who comes to mind when you read this, PLEASE pass it on.  We need to create awareness, because without it, our future generations are at risk.  No child deserves a life of pain and suffering just, because our doctors lack the knowledge to refer a patient to a biomedical doctor.  Please help me create awareness!

Biomedical markers
These typical biomedical markers of children with autism, Aspergers and/or ADHD are all indications that what we are dealing with is MEDICAL and REVERSIBLE!

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