Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Beautiful Truth

If there is ever a movie that I would recommend, it would be this one for sure!  It addresses the very reasons our children are sick today.  Dr. Gerson was making these statements back in 1928!  Why aren't we listening?

The movie talks about curing cancer naturally, dental health (including amalgams and root canals), fluoride, GMO foods, vaccines, the American diet, chemicals, aspartame, refined foods, obesity, etc.  The teenager in this movie interviews well-known pioneers in their field like like Dr. Hal Huggins, Dr. Blayblock and he visits with Dr. Gerson's family who carry on his therapies.  He met with scientists and farmers like our very own Rodale Institute right here in Allentown, PA.  He also interviews cancer patients who were given weeks to months to live and are now thriving using the Gerson therapy.  Truly enlightening! THEN, the movie shows conventional doctors saying that there have never been any known cancer cures using the Gerson therapy....surprised?

Here is the DVD sleeve description of the movie

This documentary follows the journey of Garrett Kroschel, an animal-loving teenager raised in Alaska who, after reading a book by Dr. Max Gerson, is inspired to investigate its premise that diet can cure cancer and other diseases. Garrett travels across the country, visiting with physicians, scientists and cancer survivors to discuss Gerson Therapy -- and Gerson's claim that the medical industry has suppressed natural cancer cures for years.

You can actually watch this movie on You Tube, here is the link for part one.

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