Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Peaceful moments...and memories

Peaceful moments
I am sitting in the peace and quiet with some mellow music playing in the background.  This type of moment always encourages a lot of thinking and often the desire to write, but today, I don't have much to write about.  We are just passing time this winter, experiencing mucho snow and ice, watching it all from inside these four walls.  We've done some sledding (we are lucky enough to have a field in the back of our house with the perfect sledding hill), but lately there is so much ice, you can actually walk on top of our three foot glaciers!  The past two 40 degree days are encouraging though.

So as I sit here waiting for the moment to go pick Grayson up from the bus stop, I have been thinking back to days gone by.  We lost my maternal grandmother two nights ago.  Her precious life was fully gripped by lung cancer, osteoporosis, emphysema, and lastly, a broken hip that sadly threw her over the edge.  And I am so sad for my grandfather who was robbed of his last moments with her when she was hanging in there, until the broken hip stole the last bit of life from her.  I am even more sad for my mother who was her best friend.  She has always spent every hour of her vacation time visiting with my grandmother, hoping to cram in all the memories into the days she had left.  This is such an awful blow for my mother, who was fearful every time her phone would ring, waiting for THE call.  It finally came and it hit her with a powerful blow to her own life. 

So today, I am contemplating my own life.  How precious life is, no matter how exhausting.  My relationship with my own mother is a geographically distant one, but I have spent the past few years (since becoming a mother myself) learning about the sacrifices we make as a mother.  I have gained an undeniable respect for my mother who raised four of us alone.  She wears the heart of honor in my book.  I can only hope that my children will have it in their hearts to eventually come to this same realization some day, perhaps when they too become parents.

A mother-child bond is one that can't be explained, it can't be replicated and should never be compromised, for any reason.  I love you mom!

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