Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Post dental revision update on me!

I did it!  It's done!  My mouth is officially mercury and cavitation FREE!!

My sister joked that I still have mercury in my eyes and thyroid though....hahaha, this is true!  I will start chelation with DMSA only this weekend, four days from the dental revision, as recommended by Andy Cutler.  I cannot go near ALA for three months, because it would force the free flowing mercury in my body from the dental revision INTO my brain, which means that Dave will need to prepare and dose all of the kids' chelation for the next three months, until I can add it into my rounds.  So I will be starting with my first round during Grayson's 48th and Gavins 22nd rounds.  Interestingly, we are each separated by about 22+ rounds.

Did it hurt?
The procedure itself was a piece of cake, and I am really still very surprised about that considering the amount of damage that was done to the back half of my mouth!  The body is truly amazing at healing itself.  Eight fillings (I know I said 7 previously, but it turns out that my one resin filling also had metal in it) were drilled out, a few were really deep and needed a calcium carbonate buffer before the filling was put in.  Grandio was the composite of choice.  It seems to have really good reviews as far as composites go and it was one of the composites in my "least reactive" biocompability results.  I was made to feel very comfy before they started work, they covered me with a warm blanket and gave me a heating pad for the hand that would have the two IVs (conscious sedation and vitamin C drip).  She did a GREAT job putting the IVs in, nothing like the delivery nurses at the hospital, lol!  Then I was draped from head to toe, literally, as we waited for the sedation to kick in.  She said they were going to see if I was a cheap date, they injected 5mg of the sedation initially, to see how sensitive I was.  I watched them as they covered every exposed part of my body, my hair with a shower cap, goggles over my eyes, draping over my body and the dam in my mouth to work around each tooth individually.  Some time after putting the oxygen in my nose and starting work, I remember hearing her say that I wasn't such a cheap date, lol, I was too aware still.  It turns out I needed 28mg of the sedation to keep me out of it.  I remember bits and pieces of the experience, the memories jump around a bit like I was in and out of it.  Before I even realized it, 9am quickly became noon and I was pulled out of my sedation to visit the ladies room while they grabbed a quick lunch.  I wearily hobbled my way to the bathroom and back.  I felt goofy like I had just learned to walk, lol.  I stole a peek in the bathroom mirror - WHITE TEETH, all white!!  My large filling was still half empty though, because it was going to be an onlay, where they fit a piece of the resin directly into the top of the tooth, based on a molding of my teeth done pre-surgery.  Twenty minutes later, I was back in lala-land and undergoing the surgical part of my procedure.  The cavitations!  In case you don't know what a cavitation is, here is a description.

A cavitation is a hole in the bone, often where a tooth has previously been extracted. Cavitations can occur in any bone in the body, but are most frequently found in the jawbones. The most common site is the wisdom tooth area.

Filled with Toxins
Recognized as far back as the 1800's, jawbone cavitations go by a number of names, such as ischemic osteonecrosis, neuralgia inducing cavitational osteonecrosis (NICO) , osteomeyelitis of the jawbone, jaw ostitis, and others. These lesions characteristically are not painful, tender or inflamed. They are silent, and thus often go undetected. These jawbone lesions are like cesspools; they become filled with toxins and even have been shown to store mercury. If your body can quarantine the toxins, you will be OK, but if they go out into your system, they can cause a myriad of symptoms.

Jawbone cavitations and their bodily effects are discussed in the book, Death in Dentistry, by Dr. Martin Fisher. He presents the research of world renowned doctors, including Frank Billings and E.C. Rosenow. Dr. Billings was head of medicine at Chicago's prestigious Rush Medical College. These medical doctors did years of research on health problems as they relate to the mouth. Recent research by Dr. Boyd Haley, Head of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky, shows the toxins from cavitations to be more more potent than botulinum!

In order to address a cavitation, the doctor (this is where Dr. Grube truly stands apart from most doctors) cuts open the gums over the cavitation (in my case, all four wisdom teeth), pulls the skin back, drills a large hole into the jaw bone, cleans out the site really well and lastly cleans it out with ozonated water.  The bone will develop a blood clot where it is cleaned and scraped out, allowing oxygenation in the bone, for proper healing and ventilation.  She stitches it back up and sprays the stitches with the ozone water to make sure they are sterile.  I was pulled back out of my dreamland by 3:30 and sent upstairs for a one hour massage and accupressure!  I kept the oxygen, because that helps push the medicine out of my body.  I didn't even feel numb by this point anymore!  In fact, when I was back in the dental chair at 4:30 for the placement of my onlay, I could feel her shaving down the tooth a little, ouch!  By 5pm I was on my way to the hotel with my three favorite guys!  My whole day felt like it was only two hours long when I was actually there from 8:30 to 5pm!

The worst part of the experience was the corners of my mouth from having my skin stretched for about 5 hours.  They are raw and scabbing now.  I can barely open my mouth!  My teeth are slightly sensitive to biting still and I can feel the stitches hanging in the back of my mouth.  She leaves long-ish tails on the stitches, so I am sort of gagging on them, ick!  They should be dissolved within about 5 days.  One already fell out this morning.  I think they will heal faster, because I drink wheat grass which is VERY healing, so I let each sip sit in the back of my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it.  I also do salt loading with my iodine doses, which involves using 1/2 teaspoon of Real Salt in some water and I drink it (YUCKY), again, I am letting that sit in the back of my mouth before swallowing too.  I probably won't be eating truly solid foods for a few days and I am not allowed to have anything crunchy, hard or hot for EIGHT weeks!  At first, I also thought my bite might have been changed, but as I allow my jaw to relax, I find my teeth settling in line again.  I have been too focused on my bite, the stitches and my teeth which tenses up all the muscles.  I can tell now that they are fine.  More than anything, the post surgery stuff is annoying.  Since taking three doses of Hypericum (homeopathy they gave me) the night of the procedure, I haven't had even a ting of pain, not one!  Dr. Grube ROCKS!!

Post-surgery, improvements?
So today is two days post-surgery and even with the disrupted sleep we've been having (kids are both sick and up a few times a night each), I feel pretty darn good!  I've already had two major improvements worth sharing.

For about the past 6-12 months, I have been experiencing pain in my left foot upon waking.  I would step out of bed in the morning and couldn't put my weight on my left foot, because of severe pain from my three small toes being numb.  It was way worse than pins and needles.  I would hobble over to my sock drawer to put on a pair of socks, then to the bathroom where the pain would finally start to go away.  The first morning after the surgery, I noticed I didn't have this pain, but I was also in a hotel and didn't know, if the firmer bed had anything to do with it...thinking maybe it was a circulation problem from a pressure point in my softer bed or something, I didn't want to get too excited.  But this morning, I couldn't wait to see what it would be like when I hopped out of bed...sure enough, I could step flat foot, no pain! WOW!  It's been a very long time since I could do that.  It now appears that I was either experiencing some form of neuropathy from the mercury or perhaps my circulation was effected by disruption to my meridian, who knows, all I know is that I am VERY happy it's gone!  I expect I may experience it again as I go through chelation though, since I will be forcing the mobilization of mercury through my body.  I did a brief search online for neuropathy causes and found this listed on Quest Diagnositics' website.

"Peripheral neuropathy may also be caused by several heavy metals. Lead toxicity is associated with motor neuropathy, whereas arsenic and mercury cause sensory neuropathy. The 24-hour urine heavy metal test is the most useful test for diagnosis of heavy metal toxicity."

This is from the Neurology Channel

"Some neuropathies develop suddenly; others progress slowly, even over a number of years. Severity varies among individuals and may vary in the same individual throughout the day. Symptoms of neuropathy generally are more severe at night."

The other interesting improvement, which I actually expected, has to do with an infection I was experiencing in the back of my throat daily.  I always had this constant need to clear my throat, even when I wasn't sick.  Taking GSE two to three times a day usually kept it under control, but if I missed a dose, it would start right back up again. I assumed this was yeast overgrowth, mainly because I know that many sinus infections are caused by yeast overgrowth and GSE addresses yeast.  When I was at my first exam with Dr. Grube, her husband who is a chiropractor, did some muscle testing on me and told me that I had a staph infection in my cavitations.  That would explain the throat clearing and why GSE helped it.  I haven't taken GSE since the surgery and I have had no need to clear my throat with the exception of waking first thing in the morning!  This was so chronic previously, that I KNOW now it was an infection in my jawbone.  Wild!! 

I don't really look forward to the joys of chelating, but I am hopeful that I will be headed down the road of aging gracefully and healthy with my mercury free mouth.  I already feel different, so I can't even imagine what completing chelation will do for me!  Stay tuned for my personal experience with chelation, I will finally know how my children feel!

PS - I found this great link which addresses cavitations in more detail.  If you have ever had a tooth pulled any tooth, even wisdom teeth, have amalgams or still use fluoride (have fluoridated water) and if all three apply, PLEASE read this!


Anne said...

Wow, I cringed at your description of the surgery, thinking you must have had so much pain afterwards...none! I'm surprised - what a dentist/doctor! Congratulations, and good luck with the next stretch of your "journey" :-)

Jessica said...

Thank you, Anne. It's nice to know that someone is following my journey and keeping in touch. I appreciate your comments!

There's no turning back now! Chelation starts in two days and then that is it, forward only!! Chelation is the kind of thing I wouldn't want to start and stop, it requires years of dedication to see it through, so I knew when I started down this path I would be looking at a long road. Since we are already doing this with our kids, I thought this would be the best time to do it with myself. We have to wake up every 3-4 hours on round now, why not benefit from it myself, right? hahaha

Anonymous said...

I loved when you looked in the mirror and opened your mouth and all you saw was white! That's a powerful moment. For me, that was the turning point of my recovery. Even though my symptoms got worse after that during the dump phase, it was all moving in the direction of healing. No more mercury coming in -- only out!

Good luck with chelation, and keep us posted!


Amy in Idaho said...

From most of what I've read, amalgam removal is mostly recommended to be done in quandrants so I was surprised to read that you had all of yours removed at one time. Was this a concern for you? At the same time, gives me hope because I have 9 that I'd like to get rid of....

Jessica said...

The only way you can do the whole mouth at once (crossing the midline) is if you use conscious sedation. It's a typical Huggins protocol. In fact, it's the only way Dr. Grube does it. Most people travel to their Huggins Alliance doctors and don't do it in quadrants.

If you have it done in quadrants, you would probably not do conscious sedation and you would want to make sure you have the whole mouth done within 30 days, plus, don't schedule subsequent removals on the 7th, 14th or 21st days after previous removals. Here is a link with the protocol spelled out for you.

Jessica said...

So true! The days leading up to the revision, I kept looking in my mouth thinking about how I couldn't wait for everything to be white and as you know from personal experience, it has nothing to do with the aesthetics! It's symbolic of something much bigger.

Here's to mercury going OUT! (cheers)

Sandy Brown said...

Congratulations on your revision. I'm having mine in two days...Tuesday. I'm very excited - ready to feel better and very scared - detox has me worried.

Yay! No more mercury!

Jessica said...

Congratulations Sandy!! Don't be scared, I was so scared and for NOTHING!! The procedure didn't hurt and the detox (as long as you keep your doses manageable and use the supporting supplements) is a piece of cake! Now granted, I haven't added ALA yet, lol. Ask me again in a few months, hehehe. But in all seriousness, if you are having the procedure done properly by a reputable dentist, there is nothing to worry about, only time for celebration! I hope you will keep me posted on your progress, it's always nice to have someone to go through it with.

Anonymous said...

I feel like i am so late to this all! I am hoping to make an appointment with Dr. Grube soon to go through this process. Can you tell me how you did with the DMSA and ALA? Did Dr. Grube suggest using the chemical chelation route? I know that the Huggins protocal is different. What made you choose Andy Cutler (I also have his book and am a little overwhelmed by all the info!). I need to start on the supplements and get the testing done asap to move forward. I also am wondering if the cost was manageable. I have had 3 wisdom teeth pulled (cavitations?) and about 7 amalgams to be removed. Im so grateful for your blog and your journey!

Jessica said...

You will probably remember from "Amalgam Illness" that there is a 6 month mercury dump. That was when it was tough for a while. I literally felt autistic at times. Overall though, things were much better post removal then pre. I didn't stick with chelation, I did it for about a year, then switched to detox via homeopathy. I wanted to get the bulk of the metals down during that first year when dumping is significant.

The cost is relative. Depends on what you have been comparing it to. I think I spent about $11,000 total. It might have been cheaper elsewhere, but I would have had to fly and stay in a hotel, plus the stress associated with traveling and going through the procedure alone. We did stay in Scranton so that the teeth and cavitations had a chance to settle and clot, before a long car ride. It's what Dr. Grube will recommend. Good luck with your procedure. ;)


Ann said...

Hello Jessica,
Thanks so very much for sharing the experience you had with Dr. Grube. I see s biological dentist in NJ who seems to feel my mouth pain/ tingling gums is from a cavitation from a wisdom tooth that was extracted about 3 yrs ago. He said he can do the surgery, but I am concerned that he has no Cavitat scanner. I'm thinking about seeing Dr Grube. I'm just so worried about -well all of it. The actual surgery and how uncomfortable/painful it might be, staying in a hotel afterwards not knowing how I will be feeling, and yes- the cost -yikes! Sounds like Dr. Grube is extremely expensive. My current dentist said he will charge under $1,000 for the surgery but then again, will I get a favorable outcome? I also have mercury fillings that need to be addressed but would like to concentrate on the cavitation itself first since that is what (it seems) is causing my symptoms. I know I'm kind of all over the place, that's nerves I guess. Any words of advice will be so appreciated I can't even tell you. Thanks again for taking the time. Ann

Jessica said...

First of all, congratulations on your health adventure, it will pay off! I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I had many fillings plus all four wisdom site locations opened up (cavitations), it was all done in one appointment. Dr. Grube gave me homeopathic hypericum to take for pain afterwards and I used it once, I had no pain. The stitches were annoying, because I could feel the tails dangling in my throat, but nothing painful. Dr. Grube is definitely more expensive than your doctor, but she told me that she has often had to redo the work of other doctors who treated cavitations for their patients. So I guess you might be comparing Dr. Grube's cost of surgery once, to having the procedure done twice by another doctor. In the end, it would be cheaper and less trauma to go with the more reputable doctor. Now granted, I don't know how good your doctor in NJ is either. I would just say that you should go with your gut, your intuition knows.


Anonymous said...

It seems now its been 7 years since your revision. Did you feel any other alleviation's? How do you feel now?

Jessica said...

I have gene mutations in my methylation pathway (detox) that prevent me from detoxing effectively, so it requires constant effort to keep my body detoxed for health. I haven't noticed anything else in particular that I would correlate with having the dental revision done, other than the things I listed in my blog. I've kept those gains though. I am definitely healthier than I was before, but that doesn't mean it isn't still work to stay healthy. ;) (wink)