Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I get it now!

Andy Cutler has been quoted as saying that chelation makes you feel like you've been roto-rootered from the inside out.  I get it, I now know how my kids feel, why they don't want to eat sometimes, why they say their tummies hurt.

I've never had obvious problems with food (other than dairy which has been out of my diet for years now) before starting chelation.  And even on round I don't seem to have any issues, but now two days post-chelation I have been nauseous, light-headed when standing up fast and after eating, I am experiencing reflux and burping like a friggin truck driver!  This is something I have NEVER had other than during the later months in my pregnancies.  I don't know, if these new symptoms are in direct relation to chelation and redistribution or if I have suddenly developed new food sensitivities in the process. 

On a good note, we had visitors who had colds, which were passed on to the boys (of course, that isn't the good part) and I didn't catch it!  I started to feel a sore throat and swollen glands in my jaw for one day, so I upped the Vit D significantly and began taking oil of oregano every hour.  It never progressed!  In the past year, I've been catching everything they get, so this is a huge accomplishment, for me anyway!  Perhaps the Protandim I started before the dental revision is reducing oxidation enough to prevent me from getting sick!  The studies showed it to be 100% effective in reducing oxidation significantly.  I have read that people taking it weren't getting sick like they used to.  I wish I could give it to the kids, but it's ingredients are high oxalate.

Now with the boys getting sick barely one full week after having had the stomach bug, which was just one more of the illness, after illness trend we've been experiencing since November!  Yes, November!  They have been sick just about every other week since then, no joke!  I know school passes a lot of bugs around, but they shouldn't be catching every single illness they encounter, so we brought them to the DAN! doctor since insurance will cover a sick visit and we could use the opportunity to discuss why they are sick so often.  Of course, I know it is related to their immune system, but more importantly, is it something we can address?  Or is there some testing we should consider?  We already have two pages of blood work to have done on Grayson, for the viral titers and immune function testing, but our insurance company told us they needed "notes" from the doctor as to why we need it done otherwise they can't approve payment.  We spent a good portion of our visit addressing that little detail.  The doctor is going to call our insurance company to see what they need.  In the meantime, he suggested we start the boys on Thymucin which is a Thymus extract.  The Thymus sits below the thyroid and both are heavily effected by mercury, it tends to accumulate in the glands, causing problems with function.  The thymus is basically responsible for our immune function!  It educates the T-cells and taking thymus glandular has been extensively tested as regulating T-cell and suppressor cell balance. 

We will be doing two additional tests with each of the kids.  NutrEval from Genova Diagnostics is a nutritional evaluation which will look at so many things including dysbiosis, heavy metals, how the body is using nutrients, and many more things.  It provides a framework of core nutrients in 5 key areas: Antioxidants, B Vitamins, Digestive Support, Essential Fatty Acids, and Minerals.  We will also do another IgG food sensitivity test.  We've never done this with Gavin and I want to see, if it's involved with some of his mood swings lately, plus I'd like to get an update on Grayson.  We've changed a lot of the foods they eat, but I worry that they could be developing new sensitivities. 

As I am writing this, a light bulb went off about my own situation!!  Bloating, gas, indigestion, reflux and nausea are all signs of pathogenic overgrowth!!  I need to up my killers, PRONTO!  A friend also reminded me that H. Pylori symptoms are always GI related.  One round of chelation unleashed the H. Pylori in her, as well.  Oh goodness, this is going to be FUN!  I really do know how our kids feel now.  Please be patient with them when they don't want to eat or they are not themselves, they can't possibly understand why they feel so awful!

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Anne said...

Hmm, sorry to hear about all the illness - great that writing the post produced something for you, a realisation! My last doctor's visit was kind of like that, pretty unproductive medically, but just hearing words coming out of my mouths helped me with a few realisations the following days! Funny how that works...
These past years while I've been healing I've noticed how I don't get sick as often as I used to, even with kids in the house. Before, I used get the bug from just glancing at a child with the sniffles - literally!
Hope the chelation keeps working for you, and the igg tests give you something you can work with,