Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Testing, 1, 2, 3

Oh the fun of "challenging" an allergy diet! With a diet like this, comes the trials and tribulations of testing the foods he can't have to be sure he needs to avoid them, also known as challenging the diet. So last night he was eating his quinoa pasta and since he has been doing so well on the diet (which we have been doing since the first week of September now), I thought it would be a good time to try sheep's cheese. Since he tested positive for cow's milk and goat's milk, it was possible that he could handle sheep's cheese, manchego. I grated a tiny bit on top of his pasta and he gobbled it up, of course. He did great this morning with the exception of waking a tad too early with a stuffy nose. I thought we would be in the clear by afternoon. I hauled him off to school in the hopes that he would have yet another good day. Remind me to tell you how far he has come with issues at school since starting this diet!! Well, when I got there to pick him up after school, Michelle came walking out to me...never a good sign, it's like being called to the principle's office. Uh oh, what did he do? She asked me, if we changed something....well now that you mention it, ummmm, can you say CHEESE?! She said that all of his previous behaviors resurfaced today. He has been doing "remarkably" since the diet and today, it was the old Grayson again. Wow, for her to notice that quickly, this diet is the real deal!! I thought it was odd that he would have these problems at schoo,l yet he was so well behaved at home this morning. As I headed for home, I immediately began to realize that it was going to be a LONG evening with Dave away on a business trip!! Epsom salts draw out toxins, so before an early bedtime, I soaked him in the tub for a while hoping they would draw out all the nasties so we can have a nice day tomorrow. A new day...

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