Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Learning, learning and more learning...

It's amazing to me how many layers can be unraveled in the process of treating food allergies! The more I dig, the more I learn, the more I learn, the more convinced I am that we are going to cure Grayson of his food allergies!! With time, of course, and anyone who knows me also knows that I am an immediate gratification kind of girl! I am also learning to be patient here! (wink)

By getting to the reason for Grayson's allergies, we are going to eradicate his intolerances. The food allergies are not the problem, they are a result of the problem. And speaking of problems, the problem for me is the time it takes and the experimenting to find the right course of treatment.

I am convinced that Grayson's "problem" is yeast. Currently we are using 500mcg of Biotin which is in the B-complex family, it fights yeast, but 500mcg only equates to 1mg!! I think we need to up the dosage to get results, but starting slowly reduces the yeast die-off effect. Yeast die-off is not fun for Grayson or us, because it results in many of the behaviors that got us to this point in the first place: self-stimulating behaviors, humming and repetitive sounds, jumping, bumping and crashing, extreme irritation from clothing and pretty much everything around him, severely emotional outbursts, rubbing and swatting at his head (which has been constant some days) get the picture. BUT, we are also seeing improvement at the same time: better sleep, more speech improvement, clear and thorough communication, attention to detail, focus. Anyway, the point is that by seeing improvement even while experiencing negative effects, it is a sure sign that the yeast protocol we have adapted is working. It could take a good 6 weeks to get through the negative effect of yeast die-off. I did however just learn that there are ways to help reduce his reaction. I can increase his protease enzymes 3-4 times a day, increase vitamin c, give more epsom salt baths and if it gets really bad, we can add activated charcoal to his regimen.

Let's go off topic, it's Christmas Eve, I am home with all three of my favorite guys in the world, dinner is in the crock pot cooking, what more can one ask for? Grayson is currently cleaning his playroom with daddy to make room for new toys. I told him that I would e-mail Santa when he's done, so he knows that there is room for whatever he plans to bring. Grayson's face lit up, he said, "IN THE NORTH POLE?" as he literally ran to clean his playroom!! Oh the innocence of youth, can we keep this forever....and ever?? Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this special time of year.

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