Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shake the sickies out

Tis' the season for the sickies. Grayson was always that kid who never got sick, that is, until he started preschool, ha ha ha. I was warned that when they start school for the first time, everything that goes around, comes home! He has been sick three times since the start of the school year, so we are averaging about one illness per month. Anytime we are dealing with a virus, we end up with regression in his SPD symptoms in a bad way! Viral die-off causes an overgrowth in yeast, and this makes him much more sensitive to his sensory aversions and his need for input becomes greater. So a typical day for us includes a lot of swatting at his head, ears and face, increase in bumping, crashing and touching, clothing bothers him, blankets are never on right, the coat is on wrong, shoes are too tight, the sun is too bright, pajamas bother the armpits, the fork doesn't work, the chair is pushed in unevenly, get the picture? When there is viral die-off and an increase in yeast, the two best natural remedies are grapefruit seed extract (GSE) and olive leaf extract (OLE), however, he is slightly sensitive to both, so we must administer each of them along with a No Phenol to reduce a possible reaction.

Oh, and just for the record, viruses are not living things, they are particles made of proteins and DNA so technically, they don't really "die-off", this term refers to what is happening when you are trying to get rid of a virus. Here again, enzymes come to the rescue (they are powerhouses). A virus is surrounded by a protective protein which is digested by our friend the protease enzyme! Once that coating is stripped away, the virus is unprotected and vulnerable to antivirals (OLE to the rescue)!

Grayson's latest virus is croup, which amazingly is an influenza virus (diphtherial) and can actually be caused by coming in contact with someone who has just had the measles or flu vaccination! Ironically, the Hib vaccine is supposed to protect against this very virus, which he has had. Vaccinations do not make our kids bulletproof.

Sorry to cut this short, but I am needed to help unveil our HUGE Christmas tree, let the festivities begin....


Anonymous said...

quick question, I asked my daughters DAN doctor about No Fenol because I could tell she was reacting allot to GFCFSF breads and some fruits and veggies, I asked him If I should use this for her and he said It doesn't work???? what's your opinion?

Jessica said...

Hi wisdom,
No phenol worked for us on some level, but doesn't work for specific phenols like salicylates. The only way to know is to try it out! We really loved TriEnza which has NoFenol in it.

I believe I am embarking on some very new information right now, which I haven't even blogged about yet, but I believe oxalates and possibly even phenol sensitivities may be related to parasitic infections! I am in the midst of a trial with many other moms and we are seeing significant oxalate response as we kill off parasites aggressively, but I am not ready to blog about it yet. =) Just something to think about. There is a full moon tomorrow, so activity is up now. If you see a worsening of anything, it's likely related to parasites. The one thing we ARE seeing is autistic kids recovering within months of treating parasites aggressively. Our PANDAS son has no more tics and the symptoms are all subsiding after about 1 1/2 months (as in 12+) of treatment, but the key is long-term treatment to get the infections truly under control.