Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Noticing trends with BAX3000 treatment, the latest

We have been through 12 treatments with the BioVeda BAX3000 so far and I am beginning to see trends that follow our treatments. Last night Grayson was treated for yeast and he added in DMSA and ALA to help with chelation. We are SO excited to see how our next round goes. Anyway, about the trends...every time we have a treatment, the next day results in a FLAT tummy and a healthy independence that isn't there regularly. Today, Grayson actually went up to his room alone in the early part of the day. He has never done this, never! He is usually attached to me at the hip. He said he was going to have some quiet time, he politely asked for a drink of water to take and he and his Leapster 2 went upstairs!! He spent at least 30-45 minutes up there alone. Wow! Then he came down to play with Gavin and I in the playroom where he proceeded to play WITH Gavin nicely, no demands, no taking toys....interacting appropriately and so nicely! He is also responding to my requests really well, no arguing, no crying...this is big!!

We have also treated for corn and I can't wait to see how the reintroduction of corn goes. We currently don't have anything with corn in it to give him, but as soon as we do, we plan on trying it out. Dr. Herman advised us recently to go VERY slow, as in - just bites at a time, to watch for reaction. I guess we learned that the hard way when we offered a plate piled with eggs after his egg treatment, lol. We immediately saw the behavior changes that normally follow eating eggs. I thought the treatment wasn't working, as you can see from my blog that day, however, after 4 incorrectly large attempts, we saw the amazing changes, NO REACTION!! We have even given him 2-3 eggs at a time and twice in one day, still no reaction. His body officially recognizes eggs as safe!

We have also been treating our younger son who recently had a major case of eczema, all over his thighs that was spreading daily. It was red, puffy and inflamed every day, even with my attempts to use the "soak and seal" bath remedy, lotion with every diaper change, I even tried Lotrimin, thinking it might be a fungal rash. Oddly, it wasn't anywhere in his diaper area, just all around it, then it even started spreading up and around his belly, over the top of the diaper!! It seemed like there was something new every time I changed his diaper, but never IN the diaper area. When we went to a BAX treatment last week, I showed this to our doctor who added "homeopathic eczema" to the treatment, he also used the laser directly on his lesions. I kid you not, the eczema has literally begun to dry up since then!! The spots that were red and inflamed are now skin colored dry spots. They aren't all gone yet, but some of the smaller spots are and the larger areas are looking great for the first time in many weeks!! My sister even witnessed this, she saw him before, saw his treatment at the doctor's office and saw how it lightened immediately following treatment.

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