Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chelation Round 20

Before we started this round, we had Grayson treated for DMSA and ALA on the BAX3000, in addition to that, he was treated for yeast, and the three bacterias that showed up on his recent stool test: clostridia, strep and e.coli. This should ultimately reduce his sensitivities to these organisms.

I don't know, if it's the fact that we have hit 20 rounds of chelation or having his sensitivities reduced for the things which most often cause him major irritation, but let me tell you, this round resulted in change! We are seeing an amazing little spitfire of a personality unravel in the process. In fact, just today, we were at the health food store where he was carrying his own little child-sized bin of groceries. As he was putting them up on the counter, he looked the cashier directly in the face and said, "We can't forget the milk thistle, of course!" with such enthusiasm and proper pronunciation. Her response was, "You don't hear THAT every day out of a child!" How many kids even know what milk thistle is or that they need it replaced? And each patron he passed in front of, he would say, "Excuse me please", all of this unprompted by me. He is so polite, creative, bright, determined, independent, silly and sensitive, such endearing personality traits that are often clouded by a haze of illness. The kind of illness that most people don't recognize. Neurological illnesses aren't recognized quite as readily as say a child with Down Syndrome, who very obviously has physical traits marking the illness. Children like mine appear normal from the outside, they function normal to the average when they have a disproportionate meltdown in a store or at a friend's house, it's tagged as the parent's fault for not disciplining the child better or even worse, excused as part of the "age". I am truly appalled by the number of parents who excuse behavior like this as normal. What is normal anyway? It's what we, as a society, have allowed our ill-diets to create. The more we hear other people say that "it's normal, our son/daughter behaves like that too", the more we sit back and allow that justification to let us do nothing about it. It's how evolution works, ever so slowly. As we get sicker and sicker (with pollution and toxins invading our environment and bodies) we are more neurologically effected. These children are the worst case scenario, but it's all around us in adults too, int he face of mental illnesses, autoimmune diseases, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme and the such. Even with all of the sharing we do with family and friends, it's as if much of what we say isn't believable, that is, until they experience our children before and after an antimicrobial treatment. You can't deny what you see with your own eyes!

This round has ended so well that we may continue with chelation this coming weekend! We typically skip a weekend between rounds, because he takes a good week to regulate after the round, but this time, he has been perfect, better than ever before! We want to pick up the pace, using his cues that he can handle it, in the hopes of getting much of his recovery under our belts, before Kindergarten starts in the fall. We have been at this for over a year and a half now, yes, it's a long process. It takes years to get like this, it will take years to un-do all the damage that has been done.

There are a few things we have added or changed in our treatment protocol recently and I believe they hold a piece of the puzzle. We added a new probiotic called Custom Probiotic which offers over 200 billion CFUs per dose, that many organisms HAS to have some effect on the bad guys! He wakes up great each morning with an absolutely flat tummy, I've never seen him looking so skinny!! We have also added Berberine and LDM-100 which I believe have both really knocked down some of the gut pathogens. We are working up very slowly on the LDM-100, because that is some potent stuff, but even at the low, slow introduction, I really think it is making it's mark in our regimen. Our next step will be a parasite cleanse with Humaworm.

Little by little, we are tearing away the layers. I am grateful to have this opportunity to heal my child!


Lena said...

Round 20... WOW... that's light years ahead of us... but I SO needed to read your update! Your boy is a hero. He is doing all this work and heavy lifting not even knowing he's doing it. There are just some days that are very hard... and some are better... and better ones become more frequent... He was born under a lucky star - you're it, his mom! Take pride in the miracle that you're working on. You brought him to life and now you're turning his what-used-to-be-just-existence into living! My hat is off to your family

Jessica said...

Thank you so much for the kind words. I am really proud of our little guy! He's come a long way, never truly autistic, but always a bit off. We still have bad days, but they are few and far between now, compared to the bacteria-riddled days we were having at the beginning of this journey. He was a mess, daily, and I thank my lucky stars that what we have is repairable, even though the road is long and bumpy. It's always two steps forward, one back, two forward, in the end, it gets us to our ultimate goal....and maybe it always will be this way, but none of us are perfect, are we? (wink) I often feel bad for my poor easy-going husband, he has three emotional wackos to deal with, but it also makes us passionate people. Just always remember that there is a full side to every half empty glass, focus on that as you travel this journey. It doesn't mean you have to be miss perfect every day, we all have emotions and feelings, we are human, but remembering where you came from and where you are headed can ease those rough days.