Thursday, February 25, 2010

What do we do...all day? Wanna know?

A friend recently asked for some information about what we use with Grayson day to day and it sparked a thought, what a great idea for the blog, so here it is, our entire day broken down by the hour! All the times are approximate as you know with children, nothing happens quite as expected every day. I am going to refrain from giving specific doses at risk of "recommending" amounts which vary per child, based on need and size.

8am - upon waking, we give Klaire Interfase and ViraStop enzymes with George's aloe vera juice. (the enzymes are part of the biofilm protocol, they poke holes in biofilm to allow the anti-microbials to work and the aloe soothes and heals the gut)

8:30-9am - (30-60 minutes from giving enzymes) We give his natural anti-microbials which could be any combination of the following, depending on our rotation schedule:
- Bio-Alternatives oil of oregano (addresses yeast and bacteria)
- NOW Foods olive leaf extract glycerite (addresses bacteria and viruses - can also cause yeast to flare, because as viruses and bacteria die off, yeast grows in number)
- Caproyl, liquid caprylic acid (addresses yeast and bacteria, very strong anti-microbial)
- Thorne Research Berbercap, which is Berberine (another strong and very good one that deals with yeast and bacteria!)
- Nature's Way Neem (an ancient herb from India known to address bacteria)
- Nature's Way Uva Ursi (addresses both yeast and bacteria)
- NutriBiotic grapefruit seed extract (the only brand of this I would ever use, it's GREAT for yeast and also addresses some bacteria, but can on occasion cause some bacteria to rise)
- Barlow Herbs LDM-100 (this is some potent stuff and should not be used as a first line of offense, it will address yeast, bacteria, viruses, including major illnesses like strep and Lyme, but be sure to have other naturals in place first or the die-off will be too much for the body to handle)
- The vitamins Biotin, B-Complex and L-Glutamine (the latter should be taken on an empty tummy and it is used to heal leaky gut)

8:45-9:45 - Breakfast - usually one of the following: home made teff pancakes with pureed veggies hidden in them, steel cut or rolled Bob's Red Mill GF oatmeal with fruit, hot buckwheat with fruit, Perky's Nutty Flax cereal with unsweetened Manitoba Harvest hemp milk, organic, free-range eggs with nitrite/nitrate free bacon and sometimes sweet potatoes, or even left over dinner from the night before.

As he is eating, I immediately dose his vitamins: Country Life or New Beginnings DMG sub lingual tabs, TwinLabs Allergen Free vitamin C (because we have citrus sensitivities), Kirkman Labs molybdenum, Pure Encapsulations magnesium citrate, Green Pasture's Blue Ice cod liver oil (chocolate flavor, they love it!), Bio-Alternatives liquid CoQ10, milk thistle, New Beginnings Ionic zinc, Thorne Research K2, Pure Encapsulations D3, and Pharmax trace minerals.

10-10:30 - An hour after dosing all of the above, I give him 2-4 PectaSol C capsules to mop up the toxins from die-off (part of the biofilm protocol).

10:30-11am - Snack - usually some form of fruit, raw veggies and/or a seed or nut, for example, celery with my homemade nut butter or carrot sticks, cabbage, daikon, radish, with my homemade hummus or natural salad dressing as a dip. Anything with a dip interests him!

noon - Lunch - some form of organic or natural meat like bison, chicken, lamb, veal, turkey, beef and a veggie. I prefer raw whenever possible, plus a dip. He loves when I just puree a frozen berry to dip in!

12:30 - 2nd dose of anti-microbials with a No Fenol enzyme, because many of them have a high phenol content.

I finally get a break here most days, Grayson goes to school three days a week and his brother naps!

3-3:30pm - Snack

4-4:30 - 3rd anti-microbial dose

5:30-6 - Dinner

6:30-7:30 - the bedtime routine starts with a Kombucha drink and high doses of the following probiotics: Custom Probiotics D-Lactate, Culturelle, and New Beginning Probiotic Support containing Sacc. B.

8pm - WHEW!! Mommy and Daddy time....

On the weekends (Fri-Mon), we also administer oral-dose chelation (Andy Cutler style), every 3-4 hours, day and night, which means setting our alarm all night until Monday morning. That makes for a crazy couple of days, ha ha ha.

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