Saturday, January 9, 2010


All I can say is WOW! I am speechless tonight. Grayson spent ALL day with a flat tummy, eating both eggs and grains, two things that have ALWAYS caused major irritation in the past. He had moments of irritation throughout the day, like any kid, but nothing that carried on beyond normal. He was able to regulate himself frequently, even at times with things got crazy. We had friends over and at one point we were swinging all of the kids around in blankets together, banging them into cushions, getting silly. In the past, he would have gotten wild and wouldn't have been able to calm himself down. Tonight, he was perfect, literally PERFECT! Then tonight, for almost an hour, he played by himself in his play room, building "sloops, dingies and motor boats" while listening to a Winnie the Pooh CD story. Then he came out, about a half an hour past his normal bedtime, which is actually pretty early, because he gets tired and emotional so early most nights, he sat between his father and I calmly while playing one Leapfrog game until bedtime. He went up to bed easily, without a fight, still smiling. All I can say is, I can live like brings tears to my eyes to even consider having days and nights like this more often than not! If Dr. Herman can bring a reality like this to us, we will forever be indebted to him!

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Hi there,

Just wondering what the latest is on your Bax treatments. We're considering them for our kiddos.

I would love to be able to email you privately.