Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quick update on BAX3000

Since the last post, we have challenged egg again twice and both times he did great! No aggression or hyperactivity like before. I will still watch for the 24+ hour reactions, but he used to react immediately after eating the egg every time, so this is promising! Today he had a small portion of eggs with breakfast, his tummy is totally flat still after noon and he is in a great mood, he's been flexible, playing with his brother very well, happy and playing on his own incredibly well! Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde are nowhere to be found today!!

His little brother has always gotten eczema within 24 hours of dairy, all kinds, goat, sheep, everything. After their dairy treatment I gave him about a 1/4 of a container of goat's milk yogurt. His skin looked a little chapped so I was worried he was getting the eczema, but so far, days later, nothing!! He did have GI reactions, but I would expect to see that with the reintroduction of any protein after more than a year of avoidance. Think of a vegetarian going back to eating meat, they get cramps, bowel movement changes, etc.

So far they have been treated for egg, dairy and grains. We will go in tonight and Thursday night for additional treatments, I will keep you posted! We are all very excited about the possibilities...

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