Saturday, December 26, 2009

Delayed reaction to egg?

So we were very hopeful after the first Bax3000 treatment and the first egg introduction went well, but don't forget that these foods can have delayed reactions in our kids too and for Grayson, most of them are delayed. We did a second day of eggs with Grayson on Christmas morning. His behavior was awful for the first half of the day, but we chalked it up to him going to bed too late the night before, waking too early and being overly excited about Christmas....ironically, he did great all evening at his grandparent's house. He played with his cousins well, he listened well, he shared and he was happy and silly. Even a late bedtime didn't rile him up, surprisingly!

So where did the problems start? We noticed on Christmas Day that he was starting to itch the sides of his face, under his chin and what looked like a little dance he does, when his ankles itch. He also rubs the backs of his hands across the front of his belly and sides. It wasn't too bad yesterday, but today (the day after Christmas) we are seeing it more. He can't seem to stand still and although it looks like he is just shifting his weight back and forth, he's actually using one foot to itch the other...and back and forth. When this is happening, people tend to ask him, if he needs to use the potty and he says, "No, I'm just itchy". The reason we are so familiar with this "symptom" is, because he had this same reaction (although MUCH more severely) to L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is a protein and our doctor told us that he could be truly allergic to it, like IgE allergy....hence the severe itching. When we removed the L-Carnitine, the itching stopped almost immediately and a challenge confirmed our findings, Grayson is allergic to the protein in L-Carnitine. So why do I bring this up? Well, egg is a protein, as well, and when we had the NAET assessment for egg, I was told he reacted to egg on all levels, neurologically, immediate AND delayed. Now, I don't know if one egg interaction would have resulted in the same reaction, if having it two days in a row was the reason we are seeing a more severe reaction, but either way, I believe he is reacting still.

Before starting the study for the Bax3000, I spoke with another Chiropractor who has been using the Bax3000 for a year successfully with kids on the spectrum and he told me that it is necessary to clear "program 1" (chemicals, vaccines, etc) before doing anything else. I wonder, if this is why the egg hasn't cleared for Grayson? Only time will tell...stay tuned.

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