Thursday, September 16, 2010

So, where are we?

It's so hard to say right now, I feel like we are at a transition of sorts.  We are still chelating, although it's on hold for the time being, while we try out Grayson's homeopathic constitutional remedy.   Once this remedy kicks in, we should be able to cut back on supplements and treatments, some would even go as far as to say that we wouldn't require chelation any longer, but I have a hard time thinking anything but chelation can remove metals from the brain.  Until I have hard and fast proof, I will just keep going with my gut on this one. I have been told that his sensitivity to yeast and bacteria should begin to decline as the remedy does it's thing!  Light at the end of the tunnel!!  Even with this high hope, I didn't expect to see some of the changes we have already witnessed in him, so early in the treatment process.

We initially started him on a low potency (30C) dose monthly, then moved it back to weekly and now we are working with LM potencies which can be dosed daily and should never be experimented with unless you are under the care of a homeopathic practitioner.  The very first thing we witnessed with the low potency dosing was a change in the way he came down a flight of stairs.  I know this seems odd, but with Sensory Processing Disorder, there are often motor skill delays.  One of the things he has always done is bring his second descending foot down to meet the first on the lower step, then he would repeat it so it look like this: right foot down, left foot meets right foot, right foot down, left foot meets right foot.  He would never lead with his left, nor would he alternate steps which, developmentally, should start to happen by 3 years of age.  We had given him the last of a sequence of doses one night and the very next morning, he flew down the flight of stairs alternating both feet the whole way and without holding on!!  I actually asked him to repeat it for his father to see!  In the past, I could ask him to do this, but he would hold the railing for stability and the left foot was very awkward going down, it was as if using it caused his center of gravity to falter.  I cannot believe the ease he flew down the stairs with!  These kind of things don't happen overnight. 

We also started to see an ability to cope with things that he previously couldn't cope with.  I think there is habit associated with his past frustrations, so he would begin to react the way he used to, then suddenly the coping mechanism would appear to kick in and he would change direction.  This is something that we still see vacillating, but I think these behaviors require some habit changes too.  He has been responding to certain stimuli in a particular way for years now, I imagine he would need to adjust his thinking to match his feelings.  Getting himself dressed (fine motor delays) has always been a battle.  He is now dressing himself completely, when he wakes for school, and coming downstairs to meet us fully dressed!

Sound sensitivities are another area of improvement.  We had a contractor at our house after his very first dose of his remedy and when he started using a nail gun in the next room, Grayson (again with habit) immediately raised both hands to put them over his ears, but he stopped mid-air, looked at me and said, "What is that?".  My explanation was enough for him to put his hands down and continue with what he was doing.  This is HUGE!  He also used to fear motorcycles and recently he heard one pass by while we were walking outside and instead of freakin out, again, he asked me, "What was THAT?", hands by his sides the entire time!  For the first time ever, he chose to listen to and acknowledge the sound rather than fearing it and going into defense mode. 

There has been an overall change in his attitude as well.  In the past, we had many fluctuations based on the condition of his gut.  If his bacteria or yeast were slightly elevated, he could go from happy Grayson to miserable and angry Grayson in a split second.  Even as tired as his new schedule is making him, he is still managing to keep his cool most of the time!  I still see moments of aggravation, but that can also be chalked up to how tired he is now that he is waking two hours earlier than usual, plus we are going to be experimenting with his dosing requirements for a few weeks.  It's not uncommon to see aggravations from a remedy when it is dosed too frequently.  Homeopathy is a game of trial and error, every case is unique, but once the right remedy, potency and dosing schedule is attained, it can literally cause miraculous changes, right before your eyes. And the best part is that these changes will continue to come as the body heals itself!

It is very interesting to have learned that although not so uncommon with mother and child, Grayson's remedy is the same as mine!  Our children tend to have not only genetic links, but there are energetic links to a mother's mood, especially while pregnant.  They tend to take on many of the mother's personality traits in the early years, making it very common for the two to share a remedy.  It solidifies matters that his birthday is a week before mine, we are both the astrological sign gemini and boy do we fit it!

I will continue to document our experiences with homeopathy.  If you haven't considered this path yet, read The Impossible Cure.  You will not only learn about homeopathy and how it works, but you will read a real life autism cure story, as well.  Information and memoir in one.

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