Friday, October 1, 2010

Oxalate wows now?

We had started the low oxalate diet before I posted about it on my blog, by probably about a week.  I have read about how when dumping oxalates, some children have grainy BMs with black specks and Gavin first diaper was full of it this morning!  I have also noticed that his mood is significantly different.  He is calm, patient, content, compliant, plays on his own, his belly is flat (as much as a two year old's belly can be flat, lol) and has practically potty trained himself....although mommy is still too afraid to go out without a diaper, hehehe.  He was previously my awnry child, defiant, demanding, impatient and clingy!!  The change happened slowly over the span of the week, but now that I look back at where we started, I am convinced it's the diet, because nothing else changed!  I am hoping that once we get further into chelation we may not need this diet forever, but I don't know how the diet and chelation work together, if recoveries are related or if the diet is something that is required forever.  There is so little research on this topic, but I do know there are kids who have gone off the diet successfully.  I just don't know what other treatments were combined with the diet.  In one particular case, chelation was not done, but that child didn't have metal issues like mine. 

Only time will tell!

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