Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Long time no chat

Wow, it's been months since I have updated the blog. School started and things got crazy! As the old saying goes, "No news is good news" and this is true in our case! We had such great changes with the Flagyl in July and then in a matter of months, we were seeing an increase in the bacteria-behaviors like anger, aggression, defiance and the resurgance of sensory issues occasionally. So back on the Flagyl we went...I wanted it addressed before school started and what a great idea that was. Last year when he started school, he was a mess, an absolute mess with hitting, very vocal meltdowns, temper tantrums and acting out. This year he is the perfect dream student! He is older too, of course, and he loves helping the younger students which I hear he does very patiently...that's my boy! We have been off the Flagyl for about a month and so far so good. We try to keep the bacteria at bay naturally with daily Olive Leaf Extract, Oil of Oregano, Biotin, we rotate in Capruylic Acid four days a week and I recently bought peppermint gel caps, but I haven't really gotten them into the action yet. I am still researching that front. Then at bedtime he gets four doses of probiotics - two dairy free Culturelle and two New Beginnings Probiotic Support which contains Sacc. B.

We are still chelating and just finished with round 14. We had a few blunder rounds....forgetting to wake up for a middle of the night dose, oops, so we had a few do-overs, ha ha ha. It's going really well though. He handles chelation great, comes off the round fairly well, with just a tad of the high sensory stuff like shirts bothering him and pajamas not fitting right, the covers on the bed are annoying and won't lay right, but that is fleeting thankfully. If you read my earlier posts you see how much of an improvement this is! I have to say that since starting chelation we have seen AMAZING and permanent changes in him and of course keeping the bacteria down makes Grayson the perfect child so that helps. He was never able to peddle a bike, he hated even trying, it was just exhausting for him. Suddenly one day he hopped on and peddled around in circles, whizzing around me like a bee. That just came out of left field. He has no problem walking beside us when we are out now, he used to cry that he had to be in the shopping cart or stroller and that he was just too tired to walk. He still prefers the stroller some days, but he doesn't fight us if we say no. I believe his mitochondrial function is improving based on these changes. A silly change I just noticed yesterday...He is normally afraid of bugs, won't go near them, but was always intrigued by them. His little brother who is 16 months old has no problem grabbing a hold of the elder box bugs as they sun themselves on our deck, but Grayson would always partake in the action from a distance. Last night the baby noticed one in the house and next thing I know, Grayson is holding the bug in my face asking me if I want it. Talk about a shock! I was SO not prepared for that, ha ha ha. He had the bug crawling all over his arms and body, giggling from the tickles. I have never been more excited to see my boy acting like a BOY! He's always had these fears of things that most kids relish in, getting his hands dirty, birds, frogs and bugs. I am all for it, get dirty, get can change and wash clothing, life is too short to not enjoy being a child. And I am enjoying watching it!

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