Friday, August 21, 2009

Hand sanitizer - make your own!

The fall is coming and with the swine flu scare on the horizon, I want to be prepared with a hand cleaner for the go that isn't dangerous. In all of my research I have, at minimum, determined that I don't even want to touch Purell ever again! So if you are concerned about the resistance to bacteria caused by hand sanitizers like Purell, try this one out. I found a recipe that works great, is nice going on, and doesn't smell bad.

Start your natural hand sanitizer by choosing a container. This recipe will work in plastic squeeze bottles, or mini spray bottles. I also have a great source for amber bottles that are best for anything containing essence oil and of course they don't leach chemicals! If you prefer plastic, just remember to look for a BPA and plathlet free bottle.

Here is the link for the site I buy our bottles from -

They also carry HDPE plastic bottles (like the kind your milk comes in) -

Use the following recipe---
2 parts aloe gel (NOT juice)
1 part distilled water (NOT tap)
1 part grain alcohol-vodka (NOT isopropyl, we used Ciroc grape-distilled vodka to avoid the grain-allergen issues)
4-5 drops essential oil of choice (NOT fragrance oils). Hint: tea tree is a great antibacterial and one of the best essential oils to add to a hand sanitizer recipe. I also added a few drops of oil of oregano which is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial...among SO many other things.

Essential oils, to date, have not been shown to allow microbes to develop resistance.

Mix all ingredients in glass bowl (preferably) with a plastic spoon. I don't use metal dishes or utensils because of potential reactions with the essential oils. Pour your hand sanitizer into your containers. You can add less water if you prefer a thicker product.

This is the link where I got it -

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