Monday, March 11, 2013

Evolutionary conundrum


 "Biological evolution is defined as any genetic change in a population that is inherited over several generations. These changes may be small or large, noticeable or not so noticeable.  

In order for an event to be considered an instance of evolution, changes have to occur on the genetic level of a population and be passed on from one generation to the next.  

This means that the genes, or more specifically, the alleles in the population change and are passed on. These changes are noticed in the phenotypes (expressed physical traits that can be seen) of the population.  

A change on the genetic level of a population is defined as a small-scale change and is called microevolution.  

Biological evolution also includes the idea that all of life is connected and can be traced back to one common ancestor. This is called macroevolution."   -Regina Bailey

Have you ever thought about autism and autoimmune disease as a form of evolution?

Our external environment, stress hormones, our thought process, whether we exercise or not, what we eat and and inject into ourselves all determines evolutionary changes at a genetic level known as epigenetics.  This is the melting point between those who theorize that genetics are the cause and those who believe that the environment is the reason for this increased generation of autism and the like.  Epigenetics prove that it's both!

Our bodies evolve, they know how to heal, they WANT to heal.  The body is designed to eliminate toxins, but with the increase in toxins, the process isn't quite as simple as it once was and with these drastic changes comes something we refer to as "symptoms".'s been drilled into our heads by doctors using medications that we don't want symptoms!!  Ick, a symptom?  Eliminate it!!  We don't like the changes we see, rightfully so, but does this mean it's all bad?

I'm not suggesting we should live with autism and autoimmune disease, not at all, in fact quite the contrary....if we can learn why we are seeing these things, perhaps we can find a more effective way of working with the body to heal.  It's easier to paddle with the current, isn't it?  I'm not getting anywhere by paddling against it, are you?

Let me give you a more specific example, one that most likely hits home for most of my readers.

I learned a little bit about the symbiotic relationship between bacteria and yeast long ago, in fact you will find this information in blog entries I have written in the yeast flares to control bacterial overgrowth.  The body has created this balance for a very good reason.  The role of yeast in our body is to elevate in an attempt to manage the bacterial overgrowth. You will notice that, if you try to fight yeast without balancing the bacterial load, you experience the "symptoms" of a bacterial flare. Anyone who has even dealt with the fragile clostridia and yeast balance knows this quite intimately, unfortunately.

Let's bring this full circle.  Why is the bacteria on the rise?  I recently saw a holistic doctor speak of the important role bacteria plays in our body. Bacteria  actually protects our cells from toxins, which explains and validates the association between heavy metals/toxins and pathogen overgrowth. There is a fine-tuned balance, a magical dance between the two.  Light bulb moment!!  The more toxins, the more bacteria there will be, as it tries to manage the toxins. As bacteria increases, so does yeast.  We have SO much still to learn.

Using this simple model of what could be going on with this generation opens my eyes to the many possibilities of healing.

As you dig deeper into any "symptom" you or your child is experiencing, think about the role this symptom may play and rather than trying to find a way to eliminate it, see if you can find a place where it strategically fits into the big picture.  I bet it has a purpose!  Then pose this question to yourself and others, how can you encourage the body to find an easier path to that same place?

Homeopathy is one of many energy healing modalities and while I do plan to write a more specific blog about energy healing in the future, I thought I would lay the groundwork for why we need to begin viewing illness and healing in this light first.  Homeopathy embraces the natural evolution of the body.  We must unlearn our deep rooted allopathic lessons in order to fully respect and trust the abilities homeopathy offers us.  

Homeopathy and Epigenetics

From the link above

" is possible that what we are exposed to in our lifetime can affect our genetic expression. This is already well-known in areas such as cancer research, where certain cancer-controlling genes may be activated by specific toxins for example. But not only that, once the epigenetic switch is flipped and the genetic expression is changed it can be passed on in this altered state for many generations, up to 40 in current animal research."

Many cultures have followed the lead of nature, with some retaining these worldly lessons, including current-day nomads.  "We" have chosen to tame nature, to suit our needs.  This comes with a price that we will only learn the consequences of in coming generations, and I believe what we are experiencing now is just the tip of the iceberg.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, I feel as if we're on parallel paths, having followed a similar course thru biomed, chelation and now classical homeopathy for my HF ASD son who just turned 10. I am curious whether you are still chelating or treating for parasites, or whether you consider that to be suppression of symptoms. Like you, everytime my son completes a course of Humaworm he is like a different child, so sweet and loving, the tantrums and opposition disappear. We have been working with a classical homeopath for the last 2 years and have seen more gains thru homeopathy than any other treatment, and we've tried everything! He still takes supplements, about 20 capsules a day, about 1/2 of what he used to take, but I wonder whether the supplements he's still on are getting in the way of his progress. - Jeannine

Jessica said...

Hi Jeannine,
Thanks for reading! It's so intriguing to learn of others who are sharing a parallel path. =)

We are off of all other treatment modalities with the exception of SBOs, urine therapy (yes, we do that) and homeopathy. We have dropped supplements and all other forms of treatment, because I felt like it would hinder the healing action of the homeopathy. Supplements can make the body lazy and they are toxic in their own right. I always hated them, but never knew there was another way to deal with the nutritional deficiencies, but as we bring the body back "online" so to speak, all of these things will begin to correct themselves, including the parasites. The body will return to a place where the parasites won't survive any longer.

I have had a few "ahaa" moments when two of our practitioners explained the downside of the "machine gun approach" in a way that made sense to me. We have a balanced ecosystem, even though we may not like the balance it chose. Everything has it's purpose and when we upset that ecosystem suddenly and abruptly, we shock the system, we force toxins through the body at a level the organs can't handle and we leave the terrain damaged so that the bad guys can continue to take up residence. When we use homeopathy to gently change the ecosystem, the body is working to do this, with gentle signals, meaning that it is now also in control of it's destiny.

Having the right homeopath for this job is essential, because not all homeopaths are supporting the organs while detoxing the child.

Jeannine said...

Thanks so much Jessica for your insightful comments. I'm ready to take the plunge and give up the remaining supplements! It makes sense to get out of the way and let the homeopathy do its job to rebalance and heal the body.
- Jeannine :)

Jessica said...

Our homeopath gives us a combination remedy with our constitution and a "nutritional" remedy, although I don't know what they are exactly, lol. We take it twice a day.

Jeannine said...

Thanks I'm curious too what brand of SBO's you like. Two popular brands are Body Biotic(formerly Natures Biotics) and Primal Defense. I used to take Natures Biotic several years back but somewhere along the way we switched to the isolated cultures. We do like Kombucha and fermented veggies but the acidity of the veggies sometimes hurts my teeth. - Jeannine

Jessica said...

We use Body Biotics too. If you want to get 30% off, you can go to this blog entry and at the bottom are instructions for getting a discount.

Jeannine said...

Thanks Jessica I really appreciate that! - Jeannine :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, My question is really about sbos. My son has been on them for a month we are up to 4 capsules a day (Kiki brand). I'm in the dilemma I don't know half the time if he has yeast and bacteria die off or a flare. His language is a time bit better but his behaviour is so changeable it difficult to know what is going on. Just wondering how long did it take before our sons became more consistent on them? I get a bid dispondent at times because we start seeing progress and then his old angry behaviours rear their head again. We are also doing CEASE therapy and in the middle of a clear currently, so not what sure what I am seeing is the CEASE or sbos. If you can share with me any advice re sbos I would be grateful. Kind regards, Marie

Jessica said...

Hi Marie,
Kiki is the same as Body Biotics, made by the same company. If you are giving 4 a day, you are seeing die off, and probably a combination of that and rewind from CEASE therapy. It definitely can be hard to tell what is what. Our 3 and 6 year olds were on 6 capsules at one point, then we began reducing slowly, after 5 months of the high doses. The SBOs alone were able to get a persistent Clostridia infection under control! Good luck on your journey, I know how challenging it can be when you are in the height of die off and rewind. Not easy!! Keep your chin up and keep us posted. =)

Monica R-G said...

Dear Jessica - well if I wrote the story of my now 7 year old daughter you would think you were reading your own. When I look at your list of 21 interventions we have done most - though we have never done chelation - just EDTA and clay baths - and she is functioning amazingly well - about 6 months ago someone suggested the issue of parasites to me and once we addressed them BOY did it clean up what I felt to be the few lingering issues.... then a friend of mine came across your blog a few days ago - we've (me and all the other local moms I support with recovery) have been reading it like mad, ha-ha! One thing we have not tried is SBO's - we rotate other probiotics, but stool tests often show she is deplete... so I find the concept of SBO's amazing - however my friend came across a couple rather scary articles about them - suggesting that they take over your gut and become pathogens themselves... the articles suggest they will help temporarily but then make you worse - so given it appears you have been using them for over a year - my guess is if this were true you'd have seen that .... given MOST the things we did were experimental and involved signing scary disclaimers, I am not one to shy away from things - and some of the best products I have found have come through the mommy network that I have where we all share resources.... anyway - curious if you had ever been "warned" about SBO's or if you have any current concerns regarding your usage of them?... :) Monica

Monica R-G said...

Dear Jessica - when I came across your blog I was like -WOW - someone else who has been there done that - honestly - our paths are parallel in so many ways.... my daughter is actually "healed" of any ASD diagnosis and is in 1st grade at a traditional private school with no special anything - BUT we still had some gut issues - thankfully a friend of mine pointed us down the road of parasites and we have seen a huge improvement with parasite treatment - I mean huge - gained so much weight in such a short time - AWESOME... anyway - I keep wondering why we can't kick chronic strep of the gut, why do we keep fighting parasites and that is when I found your blog.... one thing you use that we do not are the SBO's.... they sound amazing, and I was all ready to order some and then another mommy friend of mine who also has gone down this long road found two concerning articles suggesting that these bacteria can actually turn around and take over your gut and become the pathogen... now i have read so many terrible things about risky experimental things that we did that got my daughter nothing but better - so I am not necessarily fazed by this - but the articles suggest you would see on a stool test that these "good" bacteria have become pathogens - seems to me your boys have been on them long enough that you would have seen that be a problem by now or not.... would you mind commenting on that? also, you mention that wet dog smell when your boys hair is wet - I haven't had a chance to read every post you've put up - but I wonder if you've explored ammonia levels and sulfation - cause I think I know what smell you are talking about and it does wax and wane - i know my daughter has a gene mutation that affects sulfur regulation CBS699, so just curious if you have explored that path and sulfur itself as a homeopathic remedy! :) Monica

Jessica said...

Great message, Monica! We also have the CBS 699 mutation, in fact, my younger son is homozygous for that one, so ammonia is definitely an issue. I haven't thought about sulfur as a remedy though, what a brilliant idea! Thank you!

About the SBOs, my kids haven't had any problems with them. We went up to 6 capsules initially and stayed there for just a few months, then we went down slowly and now they only take one or two every couple of days. I think any bacteria can become pathogenic, my kids showed high levels of Sacc B, but there were no negative symptoms associated with it, in fact, they kept the clostrida at bay. With that said, I don't want overgrowth of any one strain, so I wouldn't do any single strain for long periods of time again. The SBOs are multiple strains and they are made in a symbiotic relationship with each other. I personally don't know of anyone who has had problems with them, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. Just use common sense, if you think you see issues from them. It sounds like your healing path involved a lot of common sense, so I wouldn't expect you to have any problems. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, we've just my son's genetic results back and he has lots of mutations and I reckon most of them come from me. My question is I know mutations can't be changed but their expression can be flicked on and off. Does homeopathy help with this? Its just I would love to have another baby but i'm worried that I will pass the issues onto another child knowing now what we know about our genetic mutations?



Jessica said...

Hi Marie,
Please don't let these results stress you out, due to the evolution of our planet, we will all be passing on genetic mutations. Don't let this stop you from having children. Knowing that information doesn't change who you or your child(ren) are. You are the same people you were yesterday. =) Sometimes information like this can put us on the wrong path, by seeing ourselves as "sick". It is important for you to believe you are "well". Your body will follow this belief system. Think of it this way, more often than not, the cancer patient doesn't die until they get their diagnosis. Many people die with cancer (which isn't the cause of death) not even knowing they had it, but tell yourself you have a death sentence and see where I am going with this. To learn more about cellular changes due to your thoughts, check out the work from Bruce Lipton. VERY fascinating information. It will have you rethinking your entire healing plan!!

Yes, we can turn the expression of genes on and off and just having a test that says you have the mutations does not mean they are expressed! Homeopathy and energy healing are the only methods of healing that I know of which will effect the expression of genes. The protocols using gobs of supplements only "bypass" them. You want to turn the expression off.

For other modalities on healing with energy, look into the Healing Codes (which you can do yourself), balancing the Chakras (for proper detox) and homeopathy for addressing the many blockages and miasms our generations are holding onto.

I am considering starting a completely new blog, since my own evolution in healing, because I am no longer this person who believes in biomedicine. I don't denounce it, because the path brought me to the place where I am now, but I would never go back. =)