Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Turn of events, my new "face"

You may have noticed that my blog has recently taken a dramatic turn from past entries.  I have always spent a lot of time reading and learning, but nothing has made more sense to us until we embraced homeopathy 100%.  Not just taking a remedy here and there, but truly embracing all it has to offer, believing in it, and learning from those who have created this fascinating ancient medicine.

The little-known facts that supplementation renders the body lazy while introducing new and potentially dangerous toxins, and that much of what we have done in the past has literally been aimed at suppressing symptoms, rather than providing true healing, have put me on a new path.  I will never again think in terms of eliminating symptoms, even with herbs.  I will never again consider ignoring the signs of degeneration and/or healing put in front of me by the body.

Our new journey stems from the deep understanding of where homeopathy and healing meet.  There is nothing more natural or more effective.  We have seen it on every level and most recently, our children have come off of EVERY supplement they have ever taken.  They no longer need anti-microbials (even natural) to keep their gut in check.  They no longer require digestive enzymes to digest their food.  Amazingly, homeopathy and SBOs (soil based organisms) have encouraged their own bodies to take over healing.  They are flourishing and they are growing (finally)!

I'm not suggesting my life is peachy every day, because detox is ugly, even when it's happening from a natural place within the body, and emotional detox can be even uglier than physical detox, but man oh man, the progress is permanent and it's complete! 

So as we move forward, my journal will take new shape, one of true healing from within.  If you are a loyal reader, you have probably seen everything we have been through.  If you are a new reader, you are have started in the right place.  Our past is a story, it's our story, but our future is riding on today.  Welcome to our new path.


Rosa Maria said...

You are glowing! I am excited for you and your family. I know you have a feeling of relief and piece. I am starting to feel in that way because my boy is progressing. My boy has Down Syndrome, SPD and probably autism, but I have found moms like you that give me the strength and Knowledge I need. Thank for sharing your story!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you look just like your boys. So glad to watch this new path. About to see Mary Coyle (it took a month). My child has mostly sensory issues, and focus has been a big problem - in the school environment - not at home. What kinds of evolution are you seeing in sensory behavior? Can't wait to get started on this.

Jessica said...

Detox! ;) Be prepared for detox! I was very familiar with what it looks like to see detox symptoms, since we did low oral dose chelation for years. You will also see a rewind of old symptoms returning temporarily. Don't panic, just let go of the feeling that has you wanting to micromanage the symptoms. The cognitive gains are incredible! They are more appropriate in their actions and more consistent. They are also gaining weight!

Rosa Maria said...

We are doing the strongest detox treatment available for children, according to our nutritionist. I have seen some old symptoms returning, but nothing serious. It make me feel so much better, I am so glad you mention Detox. I agree with you, the cognitive gains are incredible. Everyday, we are experiencing something new or skills he lost just are coming back.

Jessica said...

Sounds like you are on the right track!

Sharon said...

Jessica -I am also a mom of a six yr old boy (spectrum) and twins (slight spec) who are three. We have been doing biomedical intervention for three years with our son and a much less intense biomed support for the girls.We are at a crossroads - we have significant gains but unwilling to settle for anything less than healing
(his future is in our hands). I came across your blog
(which is amazing btw) and wonder if it was for a reason. Should Homeopath be our next stop vs another
DAN or functional medicine seems you recently faced these similar choices...I don't know if I am brave enough to let everything go...? BTW My son and your son have very similar early profiles....would love to email/chat if you have the time....S

Jessica said...

Hi Sharon,
I did face these decisions recently, and I love homeopathy so I knew it would help, but I was worried about dropping everything else too. I know others using the same method though and their stories enlightened me! If you can e-mail me at, I could give you my telephone number so you can call me. We can chat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

So very happy for you! I have an apt. for my son with Ellen Bench ( who was highly recommended by a friend. She does come to Chicago every so often - and if she isn't the right person, my next stop will be Mary Coyle.

I'm wondering if you are still chelating?



Jessica said...

That sounds great! It's always nice to have a back-up plan! We have taken a break from chelation to see where this takes us. Praying to not need to go back to it at all. (fingers crossed)

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

We've been told by the homotoxicologist that the work would be too disruptive for our mainstreamed, school age child with spd and lots of anxiety. Is the path you are on with HFA more gentle? Or are there a lot of detox-reactions involved with that too?

Jessica said...

There are going to be detox reactions with any protocol that encourages your body to purge toxins. It's called a healing crisis. You could try a homeopath who might be able to support the current issues while slowly and gently detoxing the body. I don't think a child is ever too old to recover, but with that said, your life will be disrupted for a period. Just keep your eye on the goal, this is short term pain for long term healing.

emma said...

hi i am reserching amalgam removal i live in upstate Ny read your post on Dr Grube
Lots of symptoms a ton of fillings from when I was a kid I am 50! and a medical intuitive said I am mercury poisioned
just need someone to discuss this with how has done it

thanks Linda Welch

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica! Love your blog. I have been using SBO probiotics on my son and they have been helping him with eye contact! Do you use camel milk still?

Jessica said...

I am so sorry I didn't see your message sooner, not sure how you slipped through the cracks. Maybe you have already gone to Dr. Grube by now? Anyway, feel free to e-mail me, if you want to chat more about the process -


Jessica said...

We don't use camel milk daily any longer. Occasionally I will use it in a recipe, but other than that, we've been off of it for close to a year now, after having been on it for over 9 months. Camel milk is a healthy food, but it should not be mistaken for THE answer to autism. It has incredible properties that make it a good addition to a complete healing protocol. It alone will not eliminate autism.

Something needs to address the toxins and the immune system. Homotoxicology or a good homeopath can guide you in that process. Both would be gentle on the body, yet forceful enough to encourage the body to purge what doesn't belong. Low frequent dose oral chelation was something we did for three years with our older son and two with our younger son and we were still seeing heavy metals on their tests. We also began to feel like we were running on the hamster wheel....just going in circles with toxins and gut dysbiosis. Homeopathy addresses more toxins than just heavy metals and it teaches the body how to manage it effectively, on it's own. Homeopathy can effect you at a genetic level. Just google homeopathy and epigenetics.

Kelly said...

I'm curious if you're doing 'classical' other words, a single remedy at a time that matches the patient's constitution?

Secondly, have you stopped frequent dose chelation, and if so, why?

Thanks in advance,


Jessica said...

We tried classical for years without much success. I am hearing more and more that our children, who have multiple layers to address, require a more aggressive form of homeopathy. Generally they need to clear old vaccines, medicine and miasms before full recovery is made. Now, we use multiple remedies at a time, depending on what they need at the time.

Yes, I did stop chelation, because after 3 years we didn't feel like we had accomplished anything permanent. Chelation only addresses certain metals, whereas detox with homeopathy allows the body to manage the process and all toxins can be addressed. We are toxic with much more than metals.

When I finally turned my research to homeopathy, I learned that we can give the body a gentle nudge to handle the job itself, rather than making the body lazy by using a chemical to do the job for it. I also think that by putting one foot in each modality, we are hindering the healing process. We didn't see the incredible results we are getting now until we went into homeopathy 100% with our faith and actions. The body is an amazing machine, it wants to heal and providing it with the right tools, allows it to step up to the plate!

We are energetic beings, everything about us. It makes sense that the most effect modality would be energy healing.