Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why now?

Why now?  Why didn't I find this path with homeopathy sooner?  Especially when homeopathy was the very FIRST therapy we tried with both myself and Grayson 6 years ago.

My best friend and I have discussed this at great length recently, because we wonder, could we have avoided all of the bumps in the road that lead us here?  Could we have healed ourselves and our children sooner?  Should this have been the first treatment we tried?  We unanimously agree, NO!!

We needed the path we were on.  We are who we are today, because of the path we have traveled.  We saw glimpses of who our children could be, and it drove us harder.  We learned about anatomy and physiology, because of the path we traveled.  Our diets are healthy, our environment is cleaned up, because of the research we did.  We researched and experimented and we came to incredible conclusions due to the roads we visited.  And most importantly, we met the people we needed to meet to find this path.  It wasn't put in front of us sooner for very valid reasons, we just weren't ready for it!  Every single day of our pasts have lead us to this very point in our lives.  I wouldn't change a thing. 

I am a dedicated researcher and a dedicated parent, no...that is an understatement, it might be more appropriate to define myself as anal retentive and controlling, and a little over zealous at times.  ; )  This is why it's even more undeniable that for the first time in our healing journey, we are in the right place.  I am ready and able to let go.  I am ready to hand the torch to someone else and jump on the waves.  I am ready to trust and look inside myself for guidance and confirmation that we are on the right path finally!  I'm ready, and so are they...


Diane said...

you said that perfectly.

A friend and I were chatting the other day. She said remember two years ago when you said "no, going gluten free would not make a difference.."

Last year we had that moment of clarity- and no turning back or any desire to turn back. For the first time in a few years we have a grasp on the health in our family.
Two years ago I wasn't "ready" to have clarity. I had to have that moment when I realized that the chemicals, preservatives, hormones,synthetic vitamins, .. etc- don't belong in my families food- because we feel better and are finally healing because we eat real food and the food our bodies have been screaming for.. Thanks for that post!

Monnia said...

Hi, Jessica,
My sons have a diet similar to yours
GF/Corn free/low salicylate/no artificials and low amine
It keeps my son from having angry/agressive/out of control ADHD/OCD to calm and happy much of the time. There are still some issues but at least he is able to be in a normal class with no help.

I'm wondering if with your usage of camel's milk and homeopathy (and all your other treatments) have you been able to expand your diet at all? That's what I want to do now, because our diet is so restricted. I do not want to add anything bad back, but you know some nuts/extra veggies/fruits would be lovely.

We do homeopathy but it didn't help with his intolerance. So I'm very interested if yours did.

I love your site, I've been reading it all day.
kind regards,

Jessica said...

Hi Monnia,
Thank you! I have not yet tried to expand their diets, because I still see dumping with our younger son as he goes through stages of healing with homeopathy. I am not in a hurry to add in new foods until I feel he is completely ready. The path we are on now feels right, but it's a long road. I do know others who have added sals and oxalates back successfully, but this was after 18 months of an aggressive homeopathy plan with talented practitioners. We are on that road. I plan to be there in the future.

Stay with homeopathy, if you don't see enough healing, find another practitioner/style that meets your needs. Good luck on your journey and I hope you will remain a reader. =)