Wednesday, January 16, 2013

360 degrees of homeopathy

There are times in our lives when we have that little voice inside saying something doesn't feel right.  Do you follow that?  Or do you shove it deeper, using your brain rather than your instincts to rationalize your choices?  This little voice isn't far from the suppression of disease states.  Listen to it and you will heal, suppress it and well, you drive the disease in deeper.

We have to learn to trust our instincts more!

We have always felt like homeopathy has the potential to really get to the root of our health, regardless of what ails us.  It's been the one constant on our path, the one source of healing that we never abandoned, even through all of our biomedical choices.  But...we have never relied on it 100%.  Why?  It's clear to me now that we hadn't found the right practitioner for our children.  We had only used classical homeopathy, trusting in it's ability to make subtle changes that would perhaps cause long-term healing.   But the wow-factor was never part of classical homeopathy for us.  I have since learned that for the healthy people, classical homeopathy can be incredible, but our kids are so inundated with layers of toxins and familial illness that we can't reach the core of the person to treat classically.  Autism and autoimmune diseases are the result of an overflowing bucket of toxins and dangerous emotional states.  We need so much more than one classical remedy to heal us.

Ironically, it was our parasite journey that brought us full circle, back to homeopathy.  I had been increasingly disturbed by the recommended meds and found myself reaching for the homeopathic dilutions more and more.  I also felt like the boys' extreme reactions to either die off or the meds themselves encouraged me to seek out methods that would support the organs, remove blockages and detox the body more safely.  A diseased body houses pathogens, all kinds.  If we just keep chasing the bugs and we don't correct the immune system where it was damaged in the first place, we are chasing our tails, round and round.  I don't know about you, but I am ready to get off this merry go round!

We have made the break!!  We left biomed and have fully embraced homeopathy and boy does it feel right!  We researched methods we feel comfortable with and with each day of treatment, we had enough confidence to eventually remove everything other than SBOs (which have been significantly reduced to 2 capsules a day for the boys) and just a few basic minerals.  We couldn't be happier with the progress we are seeing.  I always thought these stories were only for those who wrote books, the rare lucky cases who hit their remedy just right.  I've been proven wrong and couldn't be more happy with our choice.  And this time, treatment isn't reserved just for the kids, I've jumped on board too.

If you have that little voice telling you something, don't ignore it, embrace it!


Anonymous said...


I emailed you a few weeks ago and have been waiting for an appointment with Mary Coyle ever since. Thank you so much for pointing me that way. We too have been doing "maintenance" - though not classical - homeopathy since infancy, so this feels like the right kind of choice to kick it up a notch, which we are now having to do with the arrival of Pandas, and the return, once again, of problematic behavior at school. I want off the merry go round as well. All the best to you, and I would love to read more. Glad you are treating yourself as well. Hopefully, I'll be next.

Jessica said...

Wonderful! Mary is fantablous!! I can't believe how well my kids are doing. I never could have even dreamed this up. Good luck to you and I wish you health and healing!! I hope you will keep me posted. =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Same to you. How did you determine which homeopathic route to take, toxicology vs. Houston Homeopathy vs classical? Like I said, we're headed towards MC, but I'd love to hear your thinking. Will keep you posted. My pediatrician says he's seen 4 families work with MC with (various) positive results. Why he didn't point me to her, I'll never know! So glad YOU did, somewhere half way around the cyber-world!

Jessica said...

for me, it's about what feels right at the time. I educate myself about the things that jump out at me. I am part of a lot of different facebook groups and I see many therapies mentioned. I get "feelings" about certain ones. For example, the first time I read a thread about homotoxicology, I got a gut feeling that when the time was right, I would eventually be using it. I don't even really know how to explain it. Things jump out at me. So I began researching and watching Mary's video really hit home for us. Beyond that, homeopathy has already been a part of our lives since the start of our healing journey, I just never found a method I truly connected with enough to make it our only treatment modality...until I encountered friends using a homeopath in Australia. And when I read her name for the first time, that gut feeling jumped out at me. I knew we would eventually use her as well. Listen to your gut and trust yourself, you will find all the answers within. When the time is right to make a change, it will just feel...well, RIGHT! =)

Janice said...

Hi Jessica: I also feel that it's so important to listen to that inner voice with respect to the healing of our children... That's also how I often choose which therapies to implement -- seeing which ones jump out at me....

I have seen amazing progress as a result of my son's sequential homeopathy (Heilkunst) treatment, although currently I'm taking a break from it and exploring essential oils with him, but I have a feeling that I'll re-integrate the homeopathic treatment in a few months... Just listening to that inner voice about the timing of it all, and trusting....

Take good care and wishing your beautiful boys much healing.

Jessica said...

Thank you for sharing Janice! I loved Rudi Verspoors' book on Heilkunst, "Autism, The Journey Back". I was very close to choosing Heilkunst too. ;)

Albert. S said...

Jessica, what a wonderful blog you operate, its fantastic. You have so much diverse info its one of my new fav blogs. I am a father of a autistic beautiful boy. I see so much love in and light in him, Im fighting every day to help him out of the abyss and into this world.
We just started round one on AC chelation protocol, Im happy, yet overwhelmed of how much is still in front of us. Now to what I wanted to comment about regarding Homeoapathy.
I wish I had the positive expierecnes you did and some others, unfortunately it wasnt. We took our soon to one in perticular who has more than 30 yrs of practice, written a book called (Homeopathy, beyond flat earth medicine)its on Amazon. He gave our son a beginning regimen that on the very first day developed a new stim, which he still has today. We waited all month to play out and nothing. We went back again, he gave us something else this time my son reacted negative, by this time we are scared. He said give it time. Nope my gut said, get out. Perhaps where my son was at in terms of fungal, metals, bacteria...etc.. that maybe he reacted against it? I dont know, but still to this day Im really reluctant to seek them out. Maybe you can shed some light on this, knowing that you have positive experience with Homeopathy.
my best Jessica

Jessica said...

Hi Albert,
I am honored to have another reader. ;) It's so nice to see dads jumping on the healing bandwagon too.

Regarding the homeopathy and what you saw. I believe there is a hard-to-explain energetic component to what you are seeing/experiencing. It is a phenomenon I personally have experienced multiple times, as well as seeing others go through it. Your energy is blocking your son's ability to retrace through the symptom and he is now "stuck". Let me see, if sharing my experience with you explains this better.

When my older son who is ASD/PANDAS recently developed a tic as part of his homeopathic retracing. When it first occurred, I became irritated by it. I'll be honest, it was annoying and I was feeling like "we got past this and now it's back"...but I KNOW that we have to allow and embrace these changes as part of going through the healing of homeopathy. These things resurface (may not look exactly the same, for example your son is stimming, doesn't matter what it looks like) as part of healing. As soon as I began to reshape my own thinking, he changed. I had to put myself in a place of understanding, knowing that this WILL pass, because it's part of the big picture. He needed to get through this experience to get past it. My acceptance effected him. The next day, I noticed that the tic was reducing, it would occasionally spike, but ultimately, I noticed an overall change. Within days, it was gone! This has happened with my own homeopathic rewinds. I am being treated by our homeopath too and I am personally experiencing retracing of old symptoms, as I encounter them, my instinct was to want them gone (brainwashed to think symptoms are bad), but when I go back to why the symptom has returned, it begins to pass. I've been through SO many symptoms over the past two months. Some linger longer than others and I believe part of that is our own ability to let it go, to be ok with it. I might not have understood as well, if I hadn't gone through it myself, over and over.

We can't possibly grasp all the dimensions to the capability of energy, healing and harmful.

I belong to a group on Facebook, where the clients of our homeopath vent and chat, we support each other when we are going through these spikes in old symptoms. I see this same thing brought up regularly. It's a common thread we have, as we apply our experiences to old beliefs.

In order for homeopathy to have it's full beneficial effect on us, we have to believe in it, fully. If you still have one foot stuck in allopathy and/or biomed, I think you will find that you get "stuck" in symptoms of rewind. I know you can get out of this and perhaps your son needs additional remedies to help you get past it. Our homeopath provides us with multiple remedies to aid in the detoxification process. As we go through some intense detoxing (it's not always pretty, with each new remedy) we have a remedy that we take to ease it a bit. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it only takes the edge off, but I can promise you that we have always rewound entirely through the negative detox/rewind.

We are getting steady subtle improvements mixed in with the detox process. It's par for the course. Our children and their symptoms have been suppressed, homeopathy is going to unveil those suppressed symptoms. It's hard to go through, but your acceptance will speed them up. I hope this is making sense. If you would like to chat more, please feel free to e-mail me at

Viviana Campoamor said...

Hi Jessica!

I love this blog! I have a question regarding SBO's; I've being given my 3yo ASDson SBO's for 6 months now,he is up to 6 pills a day and on his recent stool analysis showed a very low growth of good bacteria so his DAN wants now to switch him to Pro Bio Gold. Im a little worried because he had very bad experience with probiotics before and SBO's really worked on him in the beginning. I saw die off as well. So in your opinion is it really the SBO's are not working? Or could it be that his gut is really that mess up? How old was you son and what was the max amount you gave him? TIA

Beneficial Flora
3+ Bacteroides fragile group
2+ Bifidobacterium spp
2+ Escherichia coli
NG Lactobacilus spp
2+ Enterococcus spp
2+ Clostridum spp

Commensal (Imbalance) Flora
1+ Alpha hemolytic strep
1+ Klebsiella pneumonias ssp pneumonias

No Dysbiotic Flora

Jessica said...

Do you have any previous tests to compare to? It's great that he doesn't have dysbiotic flora, although strep and klebsiella are dysbiotic, but not out of proportion. We had NG in some areas in the past, but since using the SBOs, we had great results! Our older son no longer needs them at all and our younger son only needs one occasionally, so we have come a long way with them.

I would tell you to follow your intuition, you know your child better than any doctor, you are connected. Trust yourself and stick with your decision regardless of the doctor's opinion. If it feels right, it is. =)