Thursday, March 29, 2012

And the results are in....drumroll please?!

After just under one and a half months on the Body Biotics soil-based organism probiotics, see for yourself!

I know the new test is a little more difficult to read.  The orange bar in the center is the median range, but the actual range is much larger than that, and spans the entire distance to the black lines on either side of the orange bar.  If his results were considered high or low for a category, there would be a red H or L in the number column and the diamond would be outside of the normal range with a red diamond.

Those tests say more than anything I can write here!  HPHPA from 413 to 26?!?!  Yeast at normal levels?!?! Clostridia was a ***ch to fight, antibiotics never worked, natural antimicrobials kept things almost at bay, but we couldn't remove them without a significant backslide, and who wants their child on high doses of antimicrobials three times a day, indefinitely?   I can say, with certainty, that these probiotics are our saving grace.  They do everything they say they do!

We have Gavin's results too, but since it was our first OAT for him, we have nothing to compare to.  His 3-oxoglutaric was just slightly elevated, which means he had a little bit of a yeast overgrowth, but nothing else showed markers of dysbiosis and no bacteria issues, although his numbers were slightly higher than Grayson's.  I'm sure the results directly related to the dose of the probiotics, because Grayson was worked up to 6 capsules and Gavin was only at 3.  A friend's daughter who is the same age as Gavin, was also at 6 capsules and her numbers look almost exactly like Grayson's.  She had confirmed Clostridia with a level of 393 in December, plus a confirmed case of Candida Krusei.  Her results are clean for Candida Krusei and her HPHPA (clostridia) marker came down to 22!  Also in just under one and a half months!  We have also had two mainstream stool tests done on Gavin and both the bacteria and yeast testing came back completely clean, they were done more recently.  I don't normally put a lot of weight in these tests, but our friend's yeast testing resulted in two forms of yeast at one point, so I know they can pick things up, if they are there.  Regardless, the OAT and the stool testing are my confirmation that things are under control, with NO ANTIMICROBIALS OR ANTIBIOTICS!  What a breath of fresh air to say that!

If you want to know more about these probiotics, click here.

With the good news comes the bad...isn't that always the way?  When we ran our battery of tests on the boys, we have finally confirmed PANDAS (among other things, including a compound heterozygous gene mutation) for Grayson.  I have always suspected it, but never had the titers to prove it, well now I do.  He was in a flare and sure enough both titers came out over 400. My motto is and has always day at a time.  My research continues!

Now we are focusing on the PANDAS, and hoping that the complimentary combination of the probiotics and homeoapthy will do the trick.  Stay tuned!


Diane said...

thank you for sharing this! We are on the path to eliminating chemicals from our food and environment.. part of our path is focused on probiotics.. this gives me more motivation to keep moving foward!

Anonymous said...

I just ordered these thank you so much for all the information. I'm hopping to have clostridia controlled. Can I ask you if you were able to do AC chelation while just using these probiotics??

Jessica said...

We have been able to do a round of chelation with only the probiotics, although we did increase them ever so slightly while on round. We haven't done a whole lot of chelation in the past months, because we are figuring out some changes to our homeopathy. Once we get past that, we will be back to chelating again and I can't wait!

CECE said...

Hi Jessica, thanks to your blog, i am learning more about candida, food sensitivity, toxin, and kids behavior. My almost 4 yr old son never has solid stool since he started eating solid. I am pretty sure that he has leaky gut. Been giving him 1 capsule of bodybiotics for 2 weeks but now he has diarrhea instead of his usual looser stool. I am afraid to increase his probiotics. I've also been reducing his grain intake in spite of the fact he's been on GFDF egg free diet for a year. Is the diarrhea going to stop? Is this a sign of probiotics actually working?

Have your sons tried the gaps diet by Dr. Natasha Campbell?
Thank u

Jessica said...

Oh yes Cece, expect a LOT of bowel changes as you increase the probiotics. Eventually you will have picture-perfect-poo...promise! lol I know it's hard to see the forest for the trees, but it will get better, I promise. I remember being in your shoes with unusual bowel changes, crazy mood swings, die off was off the charts. You don't have to race to the finish line, if you think you need to back off slightly or stay at the dose you are using, no rush to keep going up, let his body adjust and you can move up further as it becomes more tolerable. Some people like to ease through die off, some like to plow right through. The diarrhea suggests he may have had bacteria to clear out. Candida usually results in constipation.

We had experimented a little bit with the GAPS diet, but it doesn't work for my kids, because we have issues with glutamates and salicylates, both of which are high on the GAPS diet. Since it causes serious aggression and violence with our 4 year old, I can't even consider it. WE also had kidney issues from the result of a high protein diet, so I prefer to offer more balance with grains they tolerate (in small quantities), meats and veggies.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an older post, but we are on week 3 of body biotic and still getting lots of constipation and found your post. Just wondering how long it took to get through the die off and bowel changes. . My son seems more loopy and spacey and had a few nights of being up for hours I just don't want to quit body biotic yet. I am tired of being on nystatin .
Thank you do much

Jessica said...

It took a few months, so don't give up!! If it helps, use a zig zag approach. After you go up a bit in dose, go back down for a day or two, then back up. You can do this with each increase.

DannyJ said...

I join the list of folks to thank you for posting this. I don't think I would even consider the Body Biotic product were it not for your genuine reporting about your use of it.

I say that because if one does a careful google search, you'll find that Jordan Rubin's story, is almost IDENTICAL to one from someone named "Jenny" from a year or two earlier. Identical down to the weight loss, the "black-tar" stuff that didn't come out until 30 days later, and how she "kept on going because she had never before read such convincing research on a product". Almost identical wording to that used in Rubin's story.

Anyway, I'm still somewhat skeptical, but thanks to your OAT test and the fact that you've been trying many things over many years, gives me some hope that this might help me as well. (My OAT test showed some similar results, but could never afford to have it analyzed.)

Thanks again.