Sunday, February 26, 2012

Autism File - the magazine

My first issue of the Autism File arrived and was sitting on the counter calling my name for a few days before I really dug in.  You know how it can time?  That is a very rare commodity around here these days.  So it patiently waited until I decided to take some time for me one night when I retired early to be with my magazine.  That doesn't mean I didn't steal a few peeks in the meantime here and there, but I wanted uninterrupted time to take it all in.

At first glance, the cover is bold and informative without being too busy for our overburdened and cluttered minds.  Starring back at me is the beautiful and famous Holly Robinson Peete holding her handsome autistic son, RJ, in a familiar loving vice-grip, screaming pride and protection at the same time.  Of course, I want to know her story, is it like mine?  What page is that story on....oh wait, there is an article on toxicity, oh and folate deficiency, and ohmygoodness, there is the camel milk article by page at a time.

The topics?

All of interest, with one common denominator, how we CAN overcome and understand autism!  Ironically, I would happen to receive the very first Autism File with an article from a dear internet friend, Christina Adams, who is a member of our camel milk facebook group and has written about camel milk for healing!!  In the same magazine, a wonderful article about yeast overgrowth, from my very favorite Nutritionist, and another new internet friend, Julie Matthews.  I feel honored to be reading these fabulous articles from such knowledgeable women.  I am even more ecstatic to witness this information taking the floor in a powerful message connecting autism with repairable, treatable medical conditions, finally!  We, personally, started our journey with biomedicine and it's been good to us, we have a responder.  I have always wanted to scream our treatment successes from mountaintops for the whole world to hear.  This magazine is doing exactly that!  Kudos to you Autism File!  It is successful at being both the ears and the voice of many ASD families.

Getting off track here, let's get back to the topics.  As I sit here scanning through the magazine (which I thoroughly read already, from cover to cover, stretching late into the night), I see a wide variety of topics ranging from ways to nurture an autism family marriage and keeping dreams within reach of your child to the most effective ways to consider handling your ASD child's health issues, healing them from the inside out, thereby potentially dissolving their symptoms one at a time.   This magazine offers encouragement, hope, and most importantly answers...real answers, for and by real people!!  This is what we need, we need answers.  Doctors notoriously turn autism families away, suggesting that this is the best your child can be, "learn to live with it" - I have one word for those doctors - WRONG!  I may have a few other choice words too, but I will keep this clean.  =) 

Do you want to know what toxins can contribute to autism?  You will find it here.  Do you want to know what supplements are recommended for those on the spectrum?  You will find that here too.  Do you want to know what all the hubub is about the latest discovery on folate receptor antibodies?  Yup, you got it, that is here too.  You will even find the the reason camel milk is the latest topic on the tongues (no pun intended) of ASD parents.  Intertwined with all of these fabulous articles, will also find the latest and greatest on: recipes, foods for our severely restricted diets, information for the most cutting-edge labs to use for testing, the latest research, how to plan for your ASDer's future, ways to improve learning, and even the latest political challenges we face and/or overcome in the ASD community.  This is a very well-rounded magazine, chock full of information, capturing just about every facet of life impacted by autism. 

If you or someone you know has a child on the spectrum, or even ADHD, this resource is an absolute must-have!  All the latest and greatest is captured in this invaluable subscription and, if you are like me, it will serve as a jumping off point, spurring hours of research to find more....more to open those windows of opportunity into healing and helping our children.  My child is recovering, join me! 

No one says it better than Editor-in-Chief, Polly Tommey herself,

"The Autism File team is passionate about finding answers to the many critical questions surrounding the autism epidemic.  Why the dramatic rise in autism and Asperger's diagnoses over the past two decades? Why are so many ASD children and adults unable to get basic support? Why do so many students with autism fail to get the education that they need? Why are a great many people with autism living in pain, often with underlying medical conditions that go either undiagnosed or ignored?  The list goes on, and we will continue to work hard at getting the answers.  There are many brilliant doctors, scientists, researchers and autism groups working around the clock to achieve this.  The Autism File will continue to report on the very latest and bring it to your door."

Thank you Autism File, for getting the word out.

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diatplay said...

Hey Jessica. I have lurked your blog for ages now. My kids are on Body Biotics, six caps a day, and camel's milk about 12 oz am and pm. I have opted to postpoine IVIG with Dr. Latimer for now as we just began AC chelation with our autism PANDAS son, Matt, almost seven. We are seeing nice changes, but also scary stuff too....I have never done the naturals for the tics, OCD, etc and YEAST. I am ishing myself email is I am telling myself No diflucan or other pharms....but my confidence buckled a bit when I noticed Regarding Caroline mum just put her kid on diflucan and she has 68 rnds under her belt....feeling So isolated and scared. I have four kiddos, ages 8 to two....I am doing the camel milk with all but the two yr old bc she REFUSES it. B Biotics with all, and chelation ponly with Matt. PLEASE drop me a line and let me know if we could chat. cheers. I got my milk from M Troyer...