Sunday, August 21, 2011

Round 60 landmark

There is something about reaching round 60 with A/C chelation that is supposed to mark an accomplishment.  Many people report a reduction in the need for anti-fungal support, making this a much anticipated round to reach!  So, when we were rounding the corner to round 60, we were expecting more improvement.  Much to our dismay, the past handful of rounds have been incredibly difficult.  We had a period of calm for a while, then we got hit by these rough rounds full of anger, negative and argumentative attitude.  He's been bossy, self-centered, loud, mouthy, saying "what" a lot, but there are no tics, no sensory symptoms, nothing that reminds me of pathogenic overgrowth.  He's on the Alinia which kills anaerobic bacteria like Clostridia and e.coli, plus it addresses parasites, we have quite a few natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herbs on board in high doses to keep things under control.  It feels more like it could be symptoms associated with whatever metals we are pulling at this time.  We know that heavy metals pull in particular orders, so could it be the heavy metal in line for excretion at this time?

This brings me to our updated hair tests.  They frightened me to say the least.  Certainly not what I was expecting.  In one sense, it appears that the way they have met the counting rules is mild, which is an improvement for Grayson and a confirmation for Gavin, but their arsenic is OFF THE CHARTS high!  It has us wracking our brains to find the source, why would they BOTH have it the same otherwise?  They are a year apart in their chelation rounds, so it wouldn't make sense that they just happen to be excreting it at this level, at the same time.

Scary stuff, I can't stand knowing that there is possibly a source of arsenic around us and I can't find it!  OR, ironically, BOTH boys are excreting it at the same time for some reason, in unGodly amounts, OR their shampoo with sea kelp is an external culprit.  A lot of my research of kelp brought me to the conclusion that many kelp sources are contaminated with arsenic.  If supplements intended to be ingested are tainted with arsenic, I would imagine a shampoo is even more likely to be effected.

We are going to retest as soon as they need another hair cut.  I need to see, if things are different now that the shampoo is out of the picture.  We also changed our epsom salts to a pharmaceutical grade brand, just in case....and no more walking on the deck barefoot....and NO non-organic rice ingredients whatsoever...goodness, our limited lifestyle just got a heck of lot more limited.  I will post these updated hair tests, along with my own from pre-chelation, in the tab (above) with our hair tests.  This will be the third hair test for Grayson and second for Gavin.  It was only my was a lot of hair to remove from my scalp!!  lol  It wasn't noticeable or anything and it's growing back undetected since it's taken from so low on the scalp, but if I did multiple tests, I might start resembling one of those highlighting caps!!

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