Friday, August 19, 2011

Life as you know it

When my sister told me about meeting a 7 year old little girl who "used to be" autistic before biomed, dietary changes and chelation, it got me thinking about how long this will go on for us.  She was in managed recovery, the parents still doing everything we do now.  So is there ever an end in sight or is this how it always will be, detoxing, preventing and removing since our kid's bodies can't do it themselves? 

The truth is, when you first learn that your child is on the spectrum, life as you know it, changes....forever.  So this change, it can either be discouraging and fearful, it can be riddled with wild tantrums, lack of affection, weird behaviors, repeated stims, tics, lack of sleep, etc.  OR, you can take control of life as you know it and yes, it may change forever, but with your new lifestyle comes a healthy calm child who makes eye contact, tells you they love you and loves hugs, a child who makes friends at school and has the desire for extra curricular activities, a child who doesn't need to be held down or treated differently everywhere they go.  THAT is worth every single lifestyle change involved in biomedicine. 

So, if you are battling the decision of whether to do biomedidicne or not.  Doesn't your child deserve a normal life?  Life as you know it is different regardless, and it always will be, wouldn't you prefer a happy healthy child?  Life as you know it, HAS changed.  It can be for the better.


SAustralia said...

OMG~ i have just found my identical twin!!!! Jessica, i am your twin in Australia!!!! This is crazy. I have just been reading all about your family - and it is mine except I Have a 3 year old girl and5 year old boy (oh yeah and Im not a photographer...well a real one anyway - im the snap happy mummy....LOL). I would love to have email contact with you to ask what you DO feed your boys. We also have just been diagnosed with D-flagilis in Mr 5, and Campylobactor Pylori in Miss find a gp to take this seriously here is hard. My story is the same as yours - identical - hairtests, high metal removals, diets - we also do the low salicylate and amine free - fructose well as your CFDFSSEF.... i have not done the low oxalate - but we also exclude 67 foods that showed up on his Igg test - and of course they are different to Miss 3's 11 foods....but after aggressive behaviour that is hand in hand with a terribly blocked nose and tummy pains and a mothers instinct that food was the trigger, i knew a gut soemthing was turning my child into a ordered more stool tests and whoa....surprise surprise - both infected with different parasites!! I would love to hear how you live and the meds and what supplements....PLEASE HELP!! I dont want to reinvent the wheel that you - as a miraculous mum (trust me - I undersTand the effort) has already paved.... Tammie , Australia

Jessica said...

I'm so sorry it took me so long to find your post!! I get e-mail notifications and somehow I missed this one, so sorry! I would love to chat directly, hopefully you haven't totally written off this blog since it was two weeks ago that you wrote. My e-mail address is, please write!