Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Took You So Long....globe trotting camel milk

The What took You So Long Foundation is a group of film makers globe-trotting and living among the natives in remote corners of the earth to make a documentary about camel milk.  They film stories that mobilize movements and hope to take camel milk on that ride with them....or is it the other way around?  Either way, timing couldn't be more perfect.

When I was on my hunt for as much information as I could get my hands on regarding the benefits and risks of raw camel milk as a health tonic, I came across a Facebook page called "Camel milk is the new oil".  This is where I originally "met" Philipa Young, the writer for the What Took You So Long Foundation.  We connected on two levels very near and dear to me, writing and camel milk.  She obviously had a lot of experience with the benefits of camel milk and even guided me through some of our concerns as we attempted our first days of using it therapeutically with our boys.  Little did I know that she and the rest of the crew had already spent the last year documenting stories in 18 countries, interviewing camel dairy owners, camel farmers, doctors, camel milk drinkers and even some of the world's only camel cheese makers. That's quite the tear sheet! I would say she has *some* experience...

Nicole and I decided to bring the camel-milk-drinking community together in one place by creating our own Facebook page, the intent was to find others looking to heal their children with camel milk and to spread the word. We were thrilled to see our list of members growing astronomically and among them were a few key members of the traveling crew.  The more experience we could bring together, the better the odds are of people trying this new therapy.  Power in numbers.  If we can travel the journey together, we can help one another with a therapy that is new to the autism community. And if you have ever met a biomedical mom, where there is a will there IS a way!  If she has to fly to the Middle East herself to milk the camel and bring back the milk.....well, ok, that may be stretching it a bit, lol, but you get my point.  Luckily for us, there are camel dairy farmers in the US!  But these moms will drive the length of the country to heal their children, if that is what it will take.  You've heard, "Build it and they will come", well, if there is a therapy that works for the autistic community, these moms are among the first to be there with bells on!

So enter Alicia Sully, the film maker.  She cheerily began chatting on our FB page, joining in the discussions we were having about our children and their undeniable changes on the camel milk.  Before we knew it, we were planning to meet her during a visit to the US for her sister's wedding!

There aren't enough kind words to describe Alicia, she is possibly one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  She is endearing, caring, sincere, enlightening and so talented.  We had the pleasure of her company for two days while she filmed our family and our friend Nicole's family for their documentary.  They have filmed all the "science" behind the milk, now it's time to bring this to the world in the shape of real families.  Viewers won't have to wonder, "How does this effect me?" from great distances, because they are going to bring that spin to the table.  It isn't just for Bedouins anymore, you don't have to cross the oceans to taste it and yes, it IS attainable for the average family.  Unfortunately, because of the cost here in the US, the average family probably won't have camel milk on their dinner table, but for those seeking natural, effective treatments for illnesses like: gastrointestinal dysfunction, allergies, diabetes, autism, autoimmune diseases, among many other ailments, it is very doable.  We hope to see this change though, by increasing the supply and demand, perhaps it CAN be a daily staple for the average person some day.

The key to options like this is awareness and spreading the word!

I snapped a few pictures of Alicia filming and of course, she had to try our milk to compare to the 18 other countries she has tasted camel milk in!

What a delight it was to have Alicia with us, I only wish she could have stayed longer!  I am inspired by the passion she shares with her team to offer these special stories worldwide.  They wish to send a powerful message about sustainability and natural healing and I am ever so gracious to be on this journey with them in our own unique way.  My goal in writing this blog has always been to help others heal their children and now the reach has extended even further with the help of this fabulous team of talented writers.  They have opened my eyes to possibilities I didn't even know were attainable, for that I thank you What Took You So Long Foundation! 


Anne said...

Thanks for this post - it made me smile, and happy to think about gorgeous people out there, wanting to tell other people what has worked for them. Yay! Great pics too ;-)

I hope the film is a real success!

Alicia Sully said...

Thank you Jessica! And it was such a pleasure meeting you and the kids and absolutely everyone! When we walked into the cafe to find Nicole in her Respect The Camel Milk shirt talking to a group of strangers I knew we were one and the same :)

Jessica said...

There is nothing like experiencing one of us in action, first hand! See, she needed to have her hair done after all! hehehe

randiwinter said...

Great post and we all can't wait to see the movie..

Just one small correction, Mothers and fathers DO go all the way to Israel just to bring back camel milk for their child regardless of age (Zohar was 20). Dina went with a change of underwear and a toothbrush if I recall so she could bring back more milk as her luggage and when they could not get the camel milk into Canada in time when Zohar ran out, and he could only get powdered milk, which did not help him, his parents put HIM back on the plane to drink the milk and get his strength back.

Hats off to the parents who will do anything for their children (and hopefully, one day the children will be able to reciprocate!)

Jessica said...

Thank you for commenting Randi. Stories like this are few and far between, I hope we can change that. That is my goal, awareness. We want people to learn that camel milk IS worth trotting the globe over! ; )

TriEnza said...

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Anonymous said...

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Good luck! :-)