Wednesday, June 22, 2011


As you can imagine, summer break means less time for mommy and a lot more going on around the house!  It has cut down not only my ability to write, but my ability to think, hahahaha.

The good news is that the mold situation is FINALLY wrapping up this week!  The work was completed today, the basement is CLEAN!!  Yippeee!!  They literally cleaned every inch of the room, the joists, the floor, in and around every nook and cranny.  The HVAC duct work was scoped and cleaned today.  Tomorrow the exit testing will be done!  Whew, what a ride!  We've been diffusing essential oils day and night lately too.  Anything to help clear the air. 

The bad news is that we all have sinus infections again, me worse than everyone else, but at least it seems to be short-lived this time around.  I made the mistake of letting the chaos of planning their birthday party and dealing with the mold get in the way of taking my supplements daily.  It's obvious to me that this has had an impact on my ability to fight this infection.

The boys are still coughing though.  It's definitely less frequent and less severe, so maybe it is working it's way out.

I am sitting on my deck contemplating this world.  Thinking about how much more severe everything has become.  Our children are being born toxic.  Autism, allergies, cancers, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, among other debilitating and life-shortening diseases are all on the rise.  In fact, it's been determined that this will be the first generation that will live a shorter life span than the one before it.  Natural disasters appear to be increasing, taking countless people with them.  I even feel like the number of insects have increased in the past few years.  People are less tolerant, perhaps because they are ill.  I pray some day there will be enough change to reverse this slippery slope, for the sake of our children and their children.  What kind of world will they live in, if this continues?

If you are reading this blog today, please consider making even one small change to your life, for the better.  Make a promise to turn the water off when you brush your teeth, or replace one chemical-laden product with a natural and/or organic product that won't poison our land when it goes down the drain (our ground water becomes our rain water, people), you could even remove toxic cleaners from your house, or use hydrogen peroxide on your gardening instead of pesticides, stop using antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers, eat organic and local, take off your shoes at the door.  There are so many easy ways to take baby steps towards a cleaner, healthier environment.  If we all do this, imagine the impact we could have on the world.  Think of it as an insurance policy on the future of your grandchildren.


Anne said...

Hmm, unable to sleep tonight I finally capitulated and got up to sit by the computer for a while, munching on pumpkin seed butter - supposed too help sleep, right? Delish, anyway...I was hoping for a post from you when I opened my reader! So glad to hear the mold sit is clearing up finally so you guys can all focus on summer hols :-). We only have part time kids and I'm kinda grateful for that - I don't have a lot of strength/energy every day, and when the kids are here and I feel like I can't give them the care and attention I'd like I feel so guilty and sad... It's such a joy to see them enjoying themselves, though. Summer hols haven't started yet, so peace around here for a while yet :-).

I'll definitely take you up on the thinking more about our environment - everybody needs a reminder once in a while, I think. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the news of cancer, poisoned water and food intolerances, other times I think surely well develop towards the better...I guess only time will tell.

Jessica said...

Too many people think,"I'm only one person, what could I possibly change that would help the world...", but if everyone thought that one little change was worth it, we would have a wave of changes everywhere...that is one big wave! Thank you for considering change, every person counts, even if it feels small. Let's make it contagious! Thanks for your continued support!

Aine said...

I know exactly what you mean. It hits me all the time how much more toxic our world is getting by the decade. And it comes up in the oddest places. Recently I saw two ads for drugs that control symptoms of gout, one in a magazine and one on a bus shelter.

Seriously? Are there so many people who are lead toxic now that it's profitable for big pharma to advertise gout meds on a bus shelter? That just blows my mind...

Jessica said...

And I'm sure you've noticed that the illnesses on the rise are mainly related to heavy metal toxicity!? Gout is related to high oxalates, something kids with autism experience frequently. We are on a low oxalate diet for this reason!