Sunday, May 15, 2011

Camel milk ice cream?!

Yep, it's so easy, tasty and provides all the raw nutrients of camel milk in a fun, icy treat great for the summer!  The way I make our ice cream also means sugar-free tastiness!

I am an immediate gratification kind of girl so we use the Cuisinart ice cream maker which literally makes your pureed mixtures into soft creamy ice cream within 30 minutes so you can plan and make your home made ice cream or sorbet with little planning, as long as you store the freezer bowl in the freezer.  It doesn't require any added ingredients either.

Recipe (pretty darn easy!)
1/2 a mango
1 banana
1 C. camel milk (or any raw milk of choice)
1/2 C. coconut nectar
3 Tbsp coconut concentrate (Tropical Traditions)
2 Tbsp fresh lime juice (Santa Cruz organic juices)

After adding the mango, banana, and lime juice to your blender, add a little water to the 8 ounce mark (I didn't measure how much water this actually is, lol) then add the coconut nectar and blend like a smoothie.  Add the camel milk and gently blend (it foams very easily which is why I leave it out for the high powered blending).  Pour into your ice cream maker and there you have it!!  Easy, healthy treats!  You could also pour the mixture into ice pop trays for an easy ice-cream-maker-free idea!  It will make a nice creamy Popsicle!

Ignore the major bed-head in this picture, lol.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed their healthy morning snack!

It does melt fast, but the kids enjoy using a straw when the thick stuff is gone.  I am curious to see how it freezes and then scoops.  Some of the ice creams that use a lot of water tend to get very hard to scoop after freezing, but this has very little water so I am hoping for a better outcome.  They will have more this afternoon, so we will see! 

UPDATE - It's hard to scoop into when it's frozen, so it needs a lot of defrost time, but unfortunately that also means less time to eat it, because then it melts fast.  The fix for this is to add some sunflower lecithin to the recipe before blending which will act as an emulsifier.  =)


Anne said...

Mmmm-mm this sounds good! Glad you got yourselves a real treat :-). Healthy too...I want an icecream machine ;-)

kara said...

Wow, I've been reading all your latest posts and I am just blown away by all the info on camel milk. We have already put into the works getting some, hopefully this week, though I am dreading the 6+ hour round trip to get it (wish we had a camel farm here in CT, maybe at some point in the future, atleast I can hope).
I was curious about whether or not you are still giving the boys the glyconutrients even though now they are back on a form of milk? We were planning on ordering some soon, but now with wanting to start the camel milk I wondered if its still necessary. Thoughts?
I also wanted to say thank you for all the research you do and share with us through your blog, you are trully a wealth of information.


Jessica said...

The Cuisinart ice cream maker rocks, there is nothing like it! It's worth every penny of the $50 we spent on it! It's the fastest ice cream/sorbet, it could run for 30 min while you are eating dinner and dessert is ready when you are done!

Jessica said...

Kudos to you for going for it!! You won't be disappointed, just be prepared for a cleaning-out period. At first, I thought my kids were reacting to it, negatively, turns out it was more like die-off, it did something to their bowels and before we knew it, they were PERFECT BMs, lol. I noticed when we did a round of chelation, the BMs changed again, almost like the milk makes the body kick in and flush the nasties!

Where in CT do you live? I am from CT originally!! Where did you find a farmer with a camel?

Only Grayson does the glyconutrients, because Gavin seems to get eczema from it every time we try it. Grayson is still doing great on it, but we've been able to back off of our supplements now that we are doing the camel milk so when I run out of the glyconutrients, I won't likely continue using it unless I see a regression when we run out. Might as well use it up at least, right? I would say, start the milk first, you may not need the glyconutrients, if you are doing the milk.

And you are VERY welcome, I would hate to be greedy and keep it all to myself (wink), it's people like you that drive my writing and sharing. I truly love the opportunity to help people and witnessing others benefiting from it makes me happier than you could ever know. Thank you for the feedback!

kara said...

We are in Danbury. Where in CT are you from?
Well, we have found two farmers so far both of which are in PA. One is Miller's Organic Farm and then the other we found after speaking to Millie Hinkle tonight from Camel Milk USA and that farm is somewhere near Turbotville (I think I spelled that right, LOL). We shall see, I have to call both farms tomorrow and take it from there. Fingers crossed.

Jessica said...

How ironic! I grew up in Fairfield/Trumbull and eventually lived in Stratford before moving to PA, hahahaha! Both farmers you've mentioned are the ones we use too. Right now, neither has camel milk available, a friend and I bought Amos Miller's stock out =O and we are also on a waiting list for Noah Teachie! I do know, however, that Miller's Organic Farm will be buying some milk from the farmer they got their camel from in Michigan, to try to fill the void, I just don't know when. You should still call and see about when that will happen. Maybe it will happen faster, if he knows he has people chomping at the bit. My friend only has 8 days of milk left and she wants to figure out where she is getting it from soon so she will be calling Amos Miller tomorrow too.

If you happen to plan on going through PA to pick up some milk (you would pass us), I would LOVE to meet you!!

kara said...

Well we got lucky and are getting our milk next week. My husband called miller this morning and he will hopefully have 4 gallons worth for us by next tuesday, YAY! I am so excited to start my son on it.

Not sure yet if I will be able to go with my husband to get the milk this round but I would love to meet you sometime. Its so hard to find people who can relate to the things we go through on a daily basis.

Hope all is going well, and I will let you know what happens with our son.

Jessica said...

Kara, That is AMAZING!! Make sure to use (work up to) the dose recommended by Millie which is a full pint daily, if you can. We've seen gains on half that, but I wish I could go up more, because I know I could get more from them!

Do you have a FB account? My best friend and I now have a new FB page called Camel Milk for Health which is a closed group so you would need to be invited to join. We are looking for people who want information and who will share their stories of success equally. You would be a GREAT addition to the group!

Your husband is a saint driving all this way for the milk. Mine would do the same.

kara said...

Yes, my husband is a saint. I don't think there is anything him or I would not do if it had any chance at giving us the opportunity to hear our son talk.

Yes, I have a FB page and I would love to join. The link to my profile is!/profile.php?id=668106509
I'll take any chance I can get to be more informed.

Millie had suggested to us yesterday that we should start at 6ounces two times a day for the first four days. And then increase to 6 ounces three times a day. So are you saying I should even half that? Also, how have you known which supps you can back off and or decrease? Millie seemed to think all the GSE, OOO, and OLE were way too much for a childs stomach. So now we are tossing and turning about that, among other things. AHHHH

Jessica said...

I would go with Millie's milk suggestion, as that is her specialty. She may have given you a higher recommendation based on your conversation with her. I am using even less then her general guidelines, because I can't afford it with two, so I am using what I can afford and still seeing progress. I'm sure I could get more from both boys, if I could offer more milk.

Regarding the herbs, I haven't taken her advice there, because I can tell you from experience, my kid's tummies/guts are better than they were a year ago and we use these things religiously! There was a time when Grayson didn't have much good bacteria growth and high yeast and bacteria levels. His latest stool test had no yeast or bacteria and good levels of ALL good bacteria! They don't get tummy aches or anything that would indicate them being harsh. So don't be afraid of the herbs based on Millie's discussion. I think many Doctors suggest NOT using things when they aren't well versed in them, better safe than sorry sort of thing. Now, with that said, it's up to you if you want to pull all antimicrobials away to give the camel milk a fair shot. My friend Nicole (who started the group with me) is doing NO antimicrobials. I can't risk it with Grayson in school full time, but I can experiment more over the summer. Plus, not being able to afford higher doses puts me at risk of not having enough to take care of overgrowth. Another factor is that we still do chelation which will ultimately cause some overgrowth on round. So I have to take this one step at a time with all of the factors involved.

No two kids are the same and to give blanket statements about all children doesn't sit well with me (still love Millie's work). I tend to make my own path in this journey. It's those doctors who think all kids are the same that put us here in the first place, so I keep that in mind when planning our course.

Regarding supplements, I researched what the camel milk offers and backed off of those, like calcium and magnesium, etc. We still give omegas and Vit D3. Going to "friend" you now so I can add you to the group! Can't wait to "see" the person behind the comments, lol.

kara said...

Well, I hope I don't disappoint, LOL

Lorri said...

I would love to join your fb group to find out more about this amazing milk. I have a 9 yr old with autism. we are cfgf and egg free with many supplement and fresh juicing daily. I am thinking we should try this/

Lorri said...

would love to join your fb pg to find out more abot this amazing milk!! I have a 9yr old with autism and just found out about camel milk today from Nourishing Hope! Please help me learn more!

Jessica said...

Hi Lorri,
You can find us with a search for our group by name, "Healing with camel milk". If you request to join, either Nicole or I will add you to the group.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Yummy :-) I want to make this Is coconut concentrate (Tropical Traditions)same as Wilderness coconut cream? or can coconut milk from So Delicious be used?

Jessica said...

I have never tried the So Delicious milk in any of my recipes, because of the preservatives and sugar content so I don't know the answer to that. I think it's a bit thinner than most coconut milks, isn't it? I am sure the coconut cream from Wilderness Family Naturals would be AWESOME in it though!! Or even the coconut cream concentrate would work, because you can control how thick it is.

Anonymous said...

Jessica - just stumbled on your blog, and I am simply blown away! I'll be stocking your blog regularly now, by the way. I've also searched FB for your "Healing with camel milk" group, but nothing comes up - does the group still exist? I'd love to join!

Jessica said...

Here is the link for the camel milk group, we are going strong, 424 members to date!

cookingwithjanecasey said...

Great recipe idea! Jessica has been phenomenal with her sharing information about Camel's Milk and the healing properties!

My kids recovered from Autism, but still had the allergy issues and some ADD ish stuff which is now totally GONE thanks to the CM!

Thanks for a great blog!
Jane Casey

Jessica said...

I am so very happy, your story is an encouraging one for the many families seeking better nutrition within many dietary restrictions. The history of camel milk makes it an undeniably beneficial addition to our diets, doesn't it?? Thank you for reading and commenting! =)