Monday, April 11, 2011

Want to see the vitamin cabinet?

So here it is, our FULL vitamin cabinet.  Grayson said it looks like store shelves, ha ha ha.  He must enjoy organization as much as I do, because he thinks this "looks nice".  Only another organizing nut could appreciate the beauty of this cabinet, hahaha.

I'm slightly anal, I think the proper technical term for it is OCD, hehehe.  I like to have multiples of everything so that as we run out, I just grab another from the cabinet.  Considering there are three of us on this regimine now, we go through some of these bottles pretty fast.  For instance, the zinc picolinate which is 60 22mg capsules per bottle.  The kids use 5 a day between them and I use 6 a day!  I am opening a new bottle every couple of days!  The biotin too, we go through those really fast, but at least I can get 120 count bottles of that.

Within this organization, there is even more organization, the lazy susan is the kid's daily supplements, the step organizer to the left is full of my daily supplements, plus I use the kid's stuff, our Bach Flower Essences are in the middle, with some things that we all use behind them.  The second shelf has our illness supplements to the left and all of our unopened back-up bottles on the rest of the shelf.  The third shelf is all things that are used much less frequently, but always manage to come back to for some reason.

If you could see the inside of the doors, you would see pages and pages of notes, lol.  I type up lists of what supplements we use and where we buy them, lists of what to use for what and when.

I stocked up on three back-up bottles of Lugol's iodine recently, because of the risk of not being able to get it, due to the radiation exposure in the US from Fukushima.  People are scrambling to get their hands on it to help prevent radiation damage.  The problem is that prevention is the key, you can't erase radiation damage and considering radioactive iodine - 131 has already been found in the drinking water in PA among many other states and in foods in CA, it's probably a bit too late to be trying to prevent.  Perhaps it will help with all of the domino effects though, like how the rain water will feed the plants, how the grasses will feed the animals, and the half life of radioactive iodine in humans is 100 days, whereas it's half-life outside of a person is 8 days.

Sorry to get off track, I have a habit of doing that!


One Ordinary Woman said...

Hee hee: my vitamins look like this too, but I keep everything up and away and refill the pill organizers once a week. I keep all the stuff that will spoil if it's out of the bottle on top of the fridge for easy access. We have a locked drawer for the pill organizers and other remedies. I keep all the liquids in the fridge whether they need it or not (except kirkman's zinc, which specifically states not to refrigerate). All three of us are on supps, but we try to take the same brand of stuff so we can keep less around.

kara said...

Oh my goodness, my cabinets are just as full but not nearly as organized, it would be if I could get my husband to follow the organization train, lol. I also keep lists on the door of what is taken daily, when, how much and where to purchase it. Its nice to know someone else is just as anal about it as I am, lol.

Jessica said...

With the insanity that we live with, this is one little piece of our lives that we CAN control, so we do. Not to mention, with the sheer number of things we need to keep straight, not being organized would be a disaster, hahaha. I enjoy having something to channel my OCD!

Jessica said...

Oh yes, I bow to the weekly pill organizer God!! Love those things. We each have them, but for myself, I actually find it easier to fill Dixie cups and stack them so I can just grab one when I need it. My stuff is always done in a hurry. For the kids, I use the fabulous weekly organizers! I have the kind where each the days has it's own removable organizers within the week which is great for outings. We just grab them and toss them in the cooler to go. The accessible organizers are closed up in a box on the counter too, while the cabinet you see here is an upper cabinet away from everything else.

Selena said...

Wow! Your shelf w/ supps is so much prettier than mine :-)

Where did you purchase your child's weekly removeable container? I have to open capsules and organize them every day of the week in 3 separate pillboxes (morn, afternoon, evening). I'm searching for a better container, would love to see yours!

Anonymous said...

I love this picture. So much more organized than the cardboard boxes I've been piling mine in over the years. Though I just moved house and my supplements graduated to their very own drawer...pretty fancy!


Jessica said...

Selena, I got ours at Target, they are a large box with 7 individual boxes set into it, they each have a removable cover and slots that are customizable inside, so you can do up to three doses in one day. I haven't seen them there since though!

channa said...

I am so jealous of neat people!
i have supps all over my kitchen counter:( and I scramble all over the place trying to find stuff.and my journals are even worse..chicken scratch.

Jessica said...

Oh Channa, don't let this picture fool you! I have bottles strewn all over counter tops as well!! When something is new for us, I need to keep it out in sight, while we go through our "trial" with it. If it's not part of my routine, I would forget about it otherwise. I also leave out empty bottles when I am too lazy to write them on a list for reordering, lol, it is my reminder technique, not exactly ideal or neat, but it works! I try to get more organized when we expect company.