Friday, August 27, 2010

Chelation, chelation, chelation

Another weekend, another round, the story of our lives.  I don't even remember what it is like to have a weekend full of sleeping in (getting sleep, period) and just flying by the seat of our pants.  Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled with the progress and knowing that what we are doing is going to provide our children with the opportunity for normal, healthy lives, that doesn't mean we don't sometimes look at our lives as being slightly unique.  And unique it is!

Today we started rounds 38 and 13 with our two boys and I decided to finally increase their DMSA a bit, because we were STILL at a low 2.5mg per dose!  They react so severely to any changes in their doses, so I don't increase until I am SURE they are handling the current dose.  I upped it to 3.75mg (1/2 of the current dose, which is the maximum allowable increase).  Let's just say, it was a little loopy around here today!  Grayson was not himself, he is normally very silly and happy go lucky, but today his appetite wasn't there, he was moping around talking about how his toys are all boring and he "isn't having a good day".  Gavin's usual response to chelation is crying, yelling and acting out.  He is rough on his big brother on round.  So you can imagine the circus we had today and of course I chose today to run errands like going to stock up on Grayson's school supplies, and going to the health food store for produce.  It provided some distraction for them, but it also provided entertainment for the other shoppers!  I have to admit though, they certainly are better behaved, even with all this going on, than some the kids I have encountered during my shopping sprees.  That is a salt box for an entirely different post!

So onward.  I hope to be able to ride this round out at the new higher dose without incident.  They went to bed well, so here's to hoping!

UPDATE - (sigh) unfortuantely this round was a bust.  We missed our 4am dose on Sunday morning, because we changed the dosing schedule and forgot to change the alarm schedule on the iTouch.  It went off at 5am and when you miss a dose by an hour, you need to stop and wait until the next round, because of redistribution.  That extra hour surpasses the half life of the chelator so it begins to drop the metals back into the blood stream.  It would be dangerous to continue at this stage.  On a good note, they did handle the dosing a bit better the second day, so we will try to continue with this next weekend. 

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