Sunday, July 11, 2010

Writer's block

Every now and then, I just drop off the face of the earth for a few months.  I'm not sure, if it's just a build up of exhaustion (I have no shortage of that!) or if I just need a break from writing everything I experience once in a while.  Either way, I have some catching up to do now, lol.

Gavin is now on his 7th round of chelation and we have finally been able to add in ALA (alpha lipoic acid).  We tried twice before and had MAJOR meltdowns, probably adrenal fatigue.  Through some trial and error, we have settled on Ashwagandha to address adrenal fatigue and we reduced the ALA dose by half, so he is only on 1mg of ALA every 3 hours!  He is doing fairly well this time though, a little emotional, but overall, he is handling it well. 

Grayson is doing GREAT!  Since my last post, he has been started on his constitutional homeopathic remedy and we added lithium orotate to his supplements.  His moods are better regulated, he is sweet and consistent, just doing great!  That doesn't mean we don't still have yeast and bacteria flares, we do, but they are manageable.  I hope this means his chelation is showing real success and we are rounding THE corner!!  He is on round 33 and typically when kids reach between 40-50 rounds, they start showing signs of managing their own pathogenic balances!

Speaking of pathogenic balance, our newest experiment is water kefir.  We LOVE it!!  The stuff grows out of control, but it's oddly fun to take care of.  I find serenity in transferring the little live grains to their next home full of sweet broth to gobble up and grow.  They are a symbiotic relationship of yeast and bacteria that give off highly beneficial probiotics into the kefir water we drink daily.  Then comes the all natural flavorings I create like: green tea kefir, mojito kefir, lemonade kefir, cream soda kefir (one of my favorites).  We are hoping to add to our gut health by drinking our new home made brew daily! 

Sorry to be so brief about the past three months, but I feel like this post would be too long, if I went into too much detail about everything, so I thought I would ease into the big topics and then I can focus on each a bit more in the future.   We are going on vacation, so things are a bit crazy right now, not to mention some mold repair work we have been in the midst of for months....When things slow down a bit, I promise to get back on track with my blogging!

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