Saturday, July 31, 2010

A day of exhaustion

I typically like to keep a level head when it comes to all of this craziness around us, but today is an exception.  Today I think I actually know what it feels like to be my kids during treatment.  I have decided to treat myself for pathogens like yeast, bacteria, viruses and parasites.  I started two days ago with grapefruit seed extract (GSE) and yesterday I added black walnut hull, I had already been doing olive leaf extract (OLE) periodically before all of this too.  So today I took all three twice and I have felt extreme exhaustion like I could sleep standing up, worse than when I was pregnant, I have severe brain fog, I'm highly irritable and I almost feel like I don't care about anything around me.  It's no fun I tell ya!  And I can't even imagine adding in chelation (moving metals) while trying to cope with all of this.  I won't even share the details of the physical symptoms I have had, lol, I will spare you those details.  Let me just say, something is brewing for sure. 

Sometimes I feel like the hermit family.  We don't go out as often as I would like, but that is because it's such a chore and we often don't feel well on weekends from chelation (us being tired from all night dosing and the kids just being effected to some degree by the chelation itself).  We have to pack all of their foods, snacks and meals, drinks, supplements (especially during chelation when they are SO important, which is on weekends when we would normally be on the go more), enzymes and chelation dosing.  It involves an insane amount of preparation and space, lol, our diaper bag is barely enough room for it all.  Then we have Gavin's nap right smack in the middle of the day so when we go through all of this preparation to go out, we are limited on free time.  Unfortunately, it's just easier to stay home.  We hope to use this time to enjoy their youth while we have them at home with us.

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