Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chelation - round 8 - added supplements to capsules

I am so glad we stuck with the ALA. When we first added it to the DMSA, I was terrified by the results, the incredible increase in stimming and negative behaviors, but we stuck it out, used it again in smaller quantities for two more rounds and now he is doing fine on it. The last round was a little rocky, emotional, but not nearly as bad as the first ALA round. It could be that we have also been using prescription meds for the yeast and bacteria which chelation will ultimately flare up. So other than being utterly exhausted with the round the clock waking, this round is going so smoothly! He is on his last day of chelation today and we are seeing some emotional outbursts, but up to this point, he has been wonderful! NO stimming at all, no sensory seeking, and even when he gets emotional, he is recovering himself pretty well! I might be able to credit his level behaviors to the fact that I added his calming supplements into each dose of chelators. When I split his capsules, I also added an additional 250mg of vit C, vit B, 100mg of Milk Thistle, 180mg magnesium and a 1/4 of a capsule of ACE daily. The C and B help with the stress ont he body, Milk Thistle supports his liver, the magnesium is calming and necessary for the absorption of many other nutrients and the ACE addresses the adrenals which are often fatigued during chelation. So needless to say, I will continue this method of dosing going forward.

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Ang said...

Hey Jessica
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