Thursday, June 18, 2009

Antifungals and Antibacterials

Is that a word, antibacterial? It doesn't seem like it should be. So anyway, with the constant battle with yeast and clostridia, and his OAT test showing such high levels of each, Dr. Woeller recommended prescription strength meds. We added some bacteria fighting probiotics like Sacc. Boulardi and Culturelle, which do seem to be helping, but just not enough. Yesterday we had an appointment with our local DAN! doctor. He prescribed flagyl for ten days with a ten day refill, Diflucan for ten days on, ten off and another ten on, as well as Nystatin sort of indefinitely. The flagyl is an antibiotic specifically for clostridia, it will also address any hidden gardia spores. The Diflucan and Nystatin are both for yeast. Since Grayson had levels of tartaric acid, it means the yeast is interacting with the gut lining, nice huh? When I hear these things, I am envisioning little battles going on inside of his already little body, ACK! Not something a mother wants to picture. The Nystatin is not absorbed, so it will get the yeast floating throught he blood, etc. The Diflucan is more of a systemic and absorbed treatement to get the yeast that is consdiered "gut boring"....eeew!

We have been advised to start the Diflucan and Flagyl today then add the Nystatin in on day four, so we don't get severe die-off. Die off with gut bugs like this is hard on the body, especially the liver and gallbladder, because they are toxic little buggers and once you kill them, they are even more toxic, and are floating through and out of the body in high quantities. These chemicals they release are neurotoxic so we will likely see a worsening effect in about 48-72 hours. I ahve read that these symptoms can last from days to possibly even a week or more. Looking forward to it (hiding head under pillow).

Ok, well it's Friday which means it is time for me to get my mask on and make some compounded DMSA pills. I might even go out on a limb and try the ALA again at a lower dose, since we have the meds in place to help with yeast overgrowth, here's to hoping!!

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