Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Round one - Success!

We got through round one with flying colors and if it's any indication of how Grayson will be after chelation is done....(doin' the happy dance)!! He was amazing during the round, calm, well behaved, happy, patient, he was showing signs of very complex thoughts, what more could the parents of a three year old ask for? Maybe if he could just put his toys away without being asked....ok, maybe that is asking too much still, so anyways...

This is a cute little story showing some of the things we experienced while on round. We took him out to lunch (with his own foods, of course) but he read the kid's menu anyway and wanted a side of sliced apples with his lunch. He couldn't wait to order it himself and practically blurted it out while flapping the menu at the waitress before she was done introducing herself. He enjoyed his lunch and apples, chatting along with us throughout lunch like a mini-man. After lunch, he grabbed the survey questionnaire, which we have never explained to him by the way, and promptly said while looking at the card, "I want to say thank you to her, do you have a pen? How do you write thank you?" Dave and I looked at each other with our jaws dropped, very obviously having to digest what he just said. We spelled the words, he very neatly wrote even sized letters on the lines and then circled all the "3"s "because he is three!", ha ha ha. Of course, we had to explain to her why she only got a rating of all threes, but she was thrilled with her little survey card from Grayson and he was thrilled with the smile it resulted in from her.

Our weekend was full of little tidbits like this. He was flourishing, intelligent beyond his years! He was also very tired by the end of each day though and for two of the three nights, he told US when he was ready to go up to bed, the last day it was 6:30pm! He slept like a rock between doses and woke up at 8am every day, fully rested and rearing to go, dressed before he came into our room and smiling ear to ear! I had read over and over again to be prepared for the yeast monsters to increase with chelation, but amazingly, they weren't out of control during chelation, it's now, afterwards, that I feel like it's slightly out of control I don't know why that would be. Unfortunately, with the highs that we experienced during the "on" days, come the dreaded days that follow stopping the round....redistribution days. During the round mercury gets flowing out of the body with the aid of the DMSA (it's like an usher, pulling the mercury ions with it, on it's way through the body and out through the urine). The key to dosing is to keep the DMSA actively in the bloodstream (hence the every 4 hour dosing schedule day and night), as soon as that stops, everything that was moving also stops and you guessed it, needs to go somewhere. So the loose mercury will find body tissue to bind with and then you experience the down days of chelation which for some, can be like mercury poisoning all over again. The first day wasn't as bad as I expected, however, day two and three afterwards have been no fun. The yeast is out of control, he is feisty beyond words, he is showing signs of sensory dysfunction all over again (probably the overgrowth of yeast) and I can't seem to dose enough Biotin, OoO and No Phenol to get it completely under control. I can even see that he WANTS so badly to control his emotions, he tries to, he starts to talk with a high pitched wavering squeal that sounds like he is holding back the tears, trying to keep his cool and then he looses it and the anger of his lack of control lets lose. He crashes and smashes things, before running out of the room in tears. It's been a while since he has had these experiences on a regular basis, so I know it must baffle him as much as it does us. So it's on to more reading for me, but overall, I give this process the big thumbs up!!

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