Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chelation begins

So when does one decide to start the long, tedious and slightly frightening process of chelation? Promptly during the most harrowing wind storm the spring can muster up. Why? Because you can't sleep when you have to dose a child through the night anyway, right? As wrong as it sounds, this is exactly how it happened for us. All these weeks we have been gearing up for chelation, just to put it off for one reason or another, like trying to figure out supplements, we finally decided to get on with it.

We started with the very first pill at 5pm on Friday and it was as if we were waiting for some miraculous event to occur the moment it hit his tongue.....there it goes, we can't get it back now, this is it!! We gave it to him and well, went on with the day, feeling relieved, amazingly. Dave and I just kept looking at each other and smiling that smile that said, we are doing it, we are REALLY doing it, finally!! We just needed to remove the weight from our shoulders and do it. Last night was rough, as I mentioned, we had a disturbingly intense wind storm all night complete with power outages, beeping carbon monoxide alarms, pitch dark to enhance the already tedious job of waking Grayson to take pills and setting an alarm clock by moonlight just to lay in our beds restlessly while the storm whipped our siding with force that kept us all a bit tense. At one point, Grayson ran in screaming from across the house, he was terrified, then the baby chose 5am to wake me for his first feeding of the day, nice timing!! Needless to say, we made it through the first night and day. He did really well and today was a bit tired, but the yeast increase wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I was so prepared for a fury of yeast symptoms based on my reading, but he was very mellow, calm and darn tired, poor thing. He even told US when he was ready for bed....7pm!! One more night of this and for once, I think I am actually looking forward to the week days when we can sleep all night and wake at a reasonable hour. Chelation is only done for a few days on "round" and then a break is taken that is at least as long as the days on, so most people chelating kids will do it on weekends so as not to disturb their school week since it can produce tired and "stimmy" kids. Works for me! We are one day closer to complete recovery. I so often see bits and pieces of the magnificent, calm, intelligent, patient, sweet, caring, and did I say calm little boy we know we can have on a daily basis. I can't wait to experience this day in and day out and I can tell you that I will never again take for granted the simplicity of normal life, with normal foods and no horrendous meltdowns over things like shoes, sleeves, wind, sun, birds under the deck, oh you get the point. We are headed there and today was the first step in that direction. Onward I say...

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